Wild Edibles

No, I haven't. I've always been apprehensive, not knowing what the parasitic fungus was growing on. I hear they're good though. How about you? I normally stick to the few that I've researched and feel comfortable with, Chicken of the Woods, Zeller's Boletes, Shaggy Manes, Matsutaki's, Prince and of course Chantrelles. When I was younger, and a little reckless, I made myself sick by misidentifying a puffball. Lucky for me it wasn't too serious. It just made me retch something fierce. I'm a lot more weary now. I've never gotten into the Morels much. I've found them on occasion, but never in a quantity worthy of harvesting. Last year, my wife and I found 6 really huge ones (6"-9") growing near our burn barrel. I looked them up on the internet, because I couldn't find them in any of my books. They were a variety that tend to grow in the landscaping bark that you buy at a nursery. The internet sources that I found said it was edible, but that most people dry them first, then reconstitute them in milk, before cooking them. I tried it, but it certainly wasn't good. How do you fix them? Which ones are you getting? I'm pretty sure they're not the ones I found.


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i made some buckwheat crepes with morels from my sisters
i sautéed them with garlic and sherry
they were watery and bland
maybe i should have dried them
the ham annd cheese crepes were good and we didnt die so....