patrick's fly shop has had it's last chance

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I'm not a Patrick's regular (at least not since moving away from that area), but I've always found Jimmy to be gracious with both info and assistance. In fact, he can even be down-right generous with both info and "deals" ... especially if you are a regular (I am not, but my friend is and Jimmy has given him incredible deals). Yes, he can have a coarse edge to him, but that hasn't affected my experience there. he's just being who he is ... even "at work" (I can't say the same for myself).

maybe i'm defending him because i was living on eastlake when i started fly fishing so that's where it all started for me. also - it's nice to think there's a place in the world for the "little guy" / neighborhodd shop. i prefer that over having my only choices be on-line ordering, Cabela's and Kauffmann's. Don't get me wrong ... I love Kauffmann's ... probably have spent more $ and received more good info there vs. anywhere else ... but I wouldn't exactly call them a neighborhood shop. Actually, the more I think about it ... I've got to tip my hat to about a half dozen guys at Kmann's who have given me a lot instruction and insight throughout the years (including guys like Bob Aid, plus others).

and I do agree with you all about Avid ... great stuff there and now that I live closer, they are becoming my neighborhood shop.
I much rather go to see Jimmy and be talked to with no ass kissing or patronization (and be left the hell alone while I shop) than to go to the old Bellevue Kaufmann's when Worley was running it and be accosted and damn near molested by overzealous bullshit artists trying to take your last penny. Jimmy can be short but he is honest, knows his stuff and is one of the finest casting instructors on the planet. Unlike some flyshop commandos he fishes his ass off and his fly selection is full of stuff that works, not stuff that is made to catch you not fish. He has gone down to Florida representing the state of Washington and been Champion Angler 4 times in the Hawley invitational. He really is a great guy. Next time he is short or curt hand him your keys and ask him to go out to the car for you. When he asks why, tell him you have a crowbar in the front seat and you want him to go get it for you. When Jimmy asks why tell him "To pry the bug out of your ass!" :D Underneath the sometimes impatient, course outside is a gem of a guy who is really worth knowing. Jimmy is a pitbull of a friend who will stand by your side for the rest of your life. And where else can you find a flyshop owner wearing lime green Versace? NOWHERE! Love ya Jimmy!!! The Coach

And there are plenty of great shops in the Seattle area that will take you money if you can't mesh with Jimmy. Tight lines and good flyfishing.
You have to get to know Jimmy and then you will appreciate his knowledge and skills as a fly fisherman and connoisseur of the finer things in life. Gave me a great deal on a fly rod too. ;)

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Let me get this straight: I'm buying ridiculously marked up fly fishing gear and I have to suck up to the person making a profit off me. I actually have to establish a relationship with him. Sounds kinda of skewed to me.
Jimmy came off as an A-hole the first few times I went into his shop, but once I got to know him a little better, I came to appreciate his approach more -- less fluff, more direct. He's not the only shop I go to, as we have some excellent ones nearby (Creekside, Avid, Pacific FF, etc.), but I don't hesitate to go in there now as I might have early on.

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Hopefully nobody quoted me already but this idea of bending over at all costs because a shop is local gets me amped up. If you get treated like sh*t have some respect for yourself and don't ask for another serving.
Puma no one's arguing with you. Everybody's personalities in this planet don't mesh. If you didn't like the experience with Jimmy and decided to go elsewhere, good on ya. I like shopping with Jimmy and you don't. Neither one of us is right or wrong and everybody interprets things differently depending on a thousand variables. However no matter what you say, it will not change my opinion of Jimmy or his shop both of which I like alot. Just as you will not change yours due to an experience you percieved as negative. Patricks is the oldest flyshop West of the Mississippi for those of you who don't know. It used to be a meeting place for Letcher Lambuth, Enos Bradner, and many founding fathers and pioneers of flyfishing (especially in salt and for steelhead) in the United States. Founded in 1946 by and run by the legendary Roy Patrick it was bought by Jimmy from Roy's widow. It has always had a "City" feel to it. I guess in this day and age the honest, to the point style of Jimmy LeMert is not appreciated by some of you and I respect and understand that. However due to history, tradition and the fact that many of us love Jimmy and the way he runs his shop, I think Patricks will always have a place in Washington Flyfishing lore, legend and futures. Tight lines Coach Duff
I've gotta say I'm with Coach. Jimmy is definitely brusque, but sometimes I definitely prefer that, and being left alone, to some of the other shops. And while he is a bit to the point at times, I have never left his shop with a question unanswered. His was my first trip to a fly shop, where I bought my first vest. I was nervous as hell walking in there and didn't know a green butt skunk from my own ass crack. But Jimmy was cool and easy and answered any questions I had.

Anyway, just thought I'd pipe in. Plus, the shop is just cool. The artwork there, the fly selection, etc. I like the fact that it's small and easy to get through. I love Kaufmann's too, but sometimes that's just too much crap for me to think about.

I've known Jimmy for at least twenty years, probably more. During that time I did a stint in his shop working with him on a business plan. We worked well together. Jimmy may have his warts [of course none of the rest of us do] but he is a sincere, generous person who throws the best darned small shop Chirstmas Gala you could ever be invited to.
Jimmy is also a top FFF distance casting champ who has won the Washington competition twice with casts of more than 111' using a 5-weight line. He cleaned up on all entrants at the Don Hawley Tarpon Tournament in Florida two [maybe three] times against the best big-game fly-rodders around. Hawley finally kicked Jimmy upstairs to take over as Tournament Director, which he did equally well before retiring. Whether you like Jimmy LeMert or not is your own decision. He is however one of the best fly tiers, talented casters and dedicated beach fishermen I know of. I will admit though that Jimmy does not wear his generosity and sensitivety on his sleeve
Just my 2-cents.


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I'm just surprised that this thread is being allowed to continue given that Jimmy sponsors this website. I guess I personally like the free flow of opinion, but still...I'm surprised.


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I always wonder why when someone gets butt hurt they have to post it up on the board. Jezzus freakin' khrist. Like someone isn't going to go in the place because someone got butt hurt. Ain't going to stop me. If I am in the neighborhood I will stop in and not even give this thread a second thought.


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I have no knowledge or experience with the shop in question.
I have seen local fishing/outdoors shops crater because of the rude/knowitall/assininity of one particular employee.
If it's the owner, and it's known and accepted, I guess that's their right as owner.
If you see a local place go out of business because of the way the employees act, then have no more local place to shop, well, it's not good for the outdoor enthusiast.
I used to love going to Sportees in Redmond to pick up a few things, but we watched that place twist in the wind.
I guess the Patrick's experience is one I need to have.
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