patrick's fly shop has had it's last chance

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I'm with Coach. In a world that's increasingly corporatized (if that's not a word, then it is now), with cookie-cutter people selling the same cookie-cutter line of BS, we need more eccentrics. Jimmy may be abrasive from time to time, and he may seem distracted by other things, but he knows fish and fishing. And if you're a regular, you will definitely get deals and good advice. I'd rather have that than some smiling moron telling me how much I need such and such piece of crap gizmo.


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I have to wonder if any of you have ever told Jimmy any of this yourselves?
That's not the way running a business works Coach and you know it. People don't have time in their life, nor is it their responsibility, to go in and try to teach someone else how to run their business. Particularly someone who was an ass in the first place, who the hell is going to make that effort? They just bitch to their friends about "the asshole at ______" and tell people not to shop there. Now that the internet is around, bitching to your friends sticks around forever because of google. That's the world we're living in.

Learn to run your business correctly or get the hell out of the way. That's capitalism. you want to have your hand held and be told how to do things, go to cuba.

I should add that if this guy at Patrick's is making a good living doing what he's doing, then more power to him. That's the glory of capitalism. Find a market that is large enough and your business will succeed. Just because I don't like to deal with jerks when I go spending my money doesn't mean that I'm right or wrong. It just defines how I, myself, decide where to shop.


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I'd rather have that than some smiling moron telling me how much I need such and such piece of crap gizmo.
iagree And that "crap gizmo" is always the most expensive thing they have and that "smiling moron" just happens to always own 5 or 6 of "crap gizmo". If you like that go to Cabala's in Lacey:thumb:

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Maybe I just can't tell when someone's being rude but I distinctly remember Jimmy giving me a 20 minute lesson on how to approach a river for steelheading. I still don't catch sh*t but Jimmy tried to help out! Caught him on a good day I guess??

just my 2 cents.

Vote with your dollars folks.

I never expect to be treated special for shopping somewhere but I also don't like feeling alienated when I choose to walk into a shop that (according to the signage) wants people to come to.

Don't open the doors and turn on the "open" sign if you don't want to help people. You can be Brett Favre for all I care and if your not going to answer my questions and help me out, why would I go to your shop? I can still buy a football on the internet, for cheaper. Or go down to the road to someone that would love to be not only patronized for business but share some of their expertise.

I really loathe elitists. We are all good as one thing or another and we were all newbie idiots at one time too.
How is one expected be 'regular' if poorly treated on the initial visits? I found my experience to echo those who ripped on his customer relations, I hate to bother the guy by stopping by; having always made a purchase.


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Well Coach, for all of your wit and candor, you completely missed my point.
I still intend to look you up if I spend a few days on Oahu when next I find myself coming back from or going to Christmas Island, at least that was the plan until the economy went south. It could happen yet.
Should that be the case, I'll remember to ask for the single malt.


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Walked into Patricks as a budding young fly angler and had similar poor treatment. In a way, the experience turned me off to fly shops in general. I thought the treatment was just because I was a noob, but aparently not. I'm eager to try more shops in the future, as all of the others I've been to have been a much more pleasant experience. I've always been treated really well in the fly sections at Cabela's and Sportco, and I've spent more money at those two places than anywhere else because of it. I like to support the little guys, but will never spend a dime in a place that treats customers so poorly.


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I will admit though that Jimmy does not wear his generosity and sensitivety on his sleeve
Just my 2-cents.
iagree That's been my impression of Jimmy the several times I've been there. I can't say he ever mistreated me. At the same time, I wouldn't describe him as "a smiling face that greets you at the door." What I can say is that he always helped me when I needed it and shared info when I asked.

I used to visit Patrick's when I lived within the Seattle city limits, as it was the closest shop to my house. Since I now live in Shoreline, I go to The Avid Angler. However, if I were still in Seattle, I would continue catering to Patrick's.

Here's an anecdote of what I view as typical LeMert behavior. A couple of years ago, I was in the shop, and this young couple enter. They were asking about fishing the Yakima, and Jimmy, in a somewhat abrupt manner, asks them why they would want to drive the two hours to Ellensberg when they could drive 20 minutes to the Cedar. He also added that a person could even wade completely across the river in lots of places. My impression was that the couple was taken aback by Jimmy's delivery. Considering that was the first or second year of the Cedar being open again for fishing, he was passing on some quality information.

So the question becomes: If someone called you a jackass while giving you $100 and not asking for anything in return, would you refuse the money? That's Jimmy for you.

--Dave E.
April of 2008 I went into Patrick's to buy some mitten scissors.I asked jimmy if they had mitten scissors and was given the usual "you're bothering me by shopping here" attitude as he pointed to a corner of the store.The only pair I saw was that terrible Dr Slick metalic rainbow.I asked jimmy if they had any other colors."No.If you want a pair you have to buy those".Being off put by jim's needlessly rude behavior I decided to end my shopping at Patrick's for what I hope will be a long life.I exited the store and got about a quarter block a way when I heard some one yelling at me.I turned around to see jimbo running after me with a pair of mitten scissors in hand."I found a pair in black so you can buy these".I told him that I had never been treated so rudely in a store and this was the third time he had treated me this way and that I was going to go to Kaufman's and buy my mitten scissors and I would never set foot in his store again.I relented early this year because Patrick's is about five minutes from my house and being my neighborhood fly shop I would like to lend my support.It seams however that jim just can't stand not being rude to customers.
Maybe I should. I could call it Trent's Fly Shop: We have all the F%@&*^% shit you need

The Front sign could also read like this:
Owner is a prick
No talking in the store
No annoying questions (about everyones "secret" spots)
It's your choice to shop here, if I hurt your feelings; go cry about it on-line

That would be a great idea, but I ain't got the money to start a small shop:D
I'd be your first customer. Coach
Well Coach, for all of your wit and candor, you completely missed my point.
I still intend to look you up if I spend a few days on Oahu when next I find myself coming back from or going to Christmas Island, at least that was the plan until the economy went south. It could happen yet.
Should that be the case, I'll remember to ask for the single malt.
I got your point, just tossing around some shit!
I'll even wash out the slurpy cup!!!:D:D:D:D;)
Wow! I'm surprised by all the sour feelings towards Patrick's. I've shopped in there several times over the years, since it is the closest shop to my place of work (but I shop mostly at Avid Angler now that they moved into a location in Lake Forest Park, closer to where I live).

In my experience, the service has been better described as indifferent, rather than rude in any way. Perhaps others have higher expectations, or expect to be catered to more than I do.

However, I did have what I thought was an odd or even funny experience last time I was in. I wanted to buy a high quality rooster cape for tying some dry flies and the Avid Angler didn't have anything in stock in the color I wanted. They offered to special order it, but I was itching to tie a certain pattern, so I decided to drive around after work one day to find a cape. My first stop was Patrick's. I was disappointed at the quality of rooster capes they had out on a rack and when I asked if they had anything better, thinking they may have them out of sight or in a case somewhere (from what I understand, high end capes are a prime shop-lifting item in fly shops), I was told that people in Seattle don't fish or tie dry flies, so they didn't carry much in the way of dry fly tying supplies. Huh, you could of fooled me.

Next stop, Kaufman's, and I had a selection of capes from which to choose the one I wanted to buy.



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You'd loose it all if you did Trent.

~Duffer, I didn't tell the guy to get fucked, in fact I didn't even know I was having a typical experience till I later found out that everyone one get the "Royal" treatment. I'm not the biggest spender, but like I said before, Patrick's is the ONLY fly shop that I have EVER been treated poorly in. After I left I just chalked it up to the others were better, no reason to get in someone's grill and tell them they suck. I just don't go back. I have never heard this guy begging for business, so he must be doing something right. Hell, even good shops are going under.
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