patrick's fly shop has had it's last chance

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I've never had a problem with him. Now if you go there on a nice sunny afternoon and he's sitting in a chair out on the side walk reading a book you may have to wait a while to hand him your money. I only get there a couple times a year as its way off the beaten track for me but if I'm around Lake Union you can bet that I'll always hunt for 10 minutes to find a parking spot big enough to park my pickup and wander in. He is what he is, and guess what; I don't suffer fools well either. Not that I'm calling anyone here a fool.

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Five pages of bull shit on a fly shop. Can't you all just say whether you like it or not. Not five pages of shit.

I have never been there but I wanted to now and then. My father in law used to shop there. He had one of those little green fly books put out by that shop which in turn I ended up with it but in many years of not using it it is gone.

I have only had one bad experience at a fly shop. But it's not there anymore so good by.



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I remember the first time I walked into Patrick's. I had just moved from Yakima and started school at the UW. I had only been flyfishing for a couple of years and wanted to build a light rod. The stylishly dressed Jimmy curtly pointed toward a barrel of graphite sticks that were rubber banded together and mumbled something about a 389 LL blem blank without even looking up. That 3 wt is still my favorite rod.

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I'm just surprised that this thread is being allowed to continue given that Jimmy sponsors this website. I guess I personally like the free flow of opinion, but still...I'm surprised.
Good, bad or ugly this is great exposure for the shop. Hell, Jimmy probably put the original poster up to it ; ) I don't know the guy, but it sounds like he would probably welcome this sort of banter. I'm intrigued enough to consider stopping in there just to get a sample of his lovin' myself.
Say or think what you want, but he makes up an absolute killer fly for Pinks in the salt..go up to Picnic Point and the guys using his pattern outfish everyone!
well, you shouldnt have to be a local or an expert to get great service in a fly shop, no matter who the f you are.
my experience at patricks as a young fellow with my dad was very negative, same as it was out at k-mans. the fellow who used to run the bellevue orvis, rob, taught me more of tying and fishing than anyone else. he moved to a higher rank, left bellevue, and somehow i ended up in creekside. between pete, brett, and keith, you will not find a deeper knowledge base. pete knows more about montana than just about anybody outside of the state, and a more knowledgeable tyer than brett you will not find. and keith just knows whatsup.
Creekside is the shit, beginner or expert, expect top notch service although you may have to wait in line a bit until you are helped because of the amount of anglers in to gain some knowledge. Part of being a fly shop is being part of the industry and selling gear, otherwise you go out of business. simple as that, hanging out and shootin the shit isnt possible otherwise.
Same story here folks. I went in there about 2 weeks after I moved here and had a handful of items I was going to purchase and just asked a couple questions. Well apparently that wasn't in his job description. He shrugged me off like a fly on his shoulder. I don't have any tolerance for that. I gingerly put down all of the things I had in my hands and walked out. I will second the push for Puget Sound Fly Co and also Gig Harbor Fly Shop. Clark and Anil, and Blake are more than willing to offer advice and also have a good selection in their shops. Thank God not all fly shops are that way.

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Good, bad or ugly this is great exposure for the shop. Hell, Jimmy probably put the original poster up to it ; ) I don't know the guy, but it sounds like he would probably welcome this sort of banter. I'm intrigued enough to consider stopping in there just to get a sample of his lovin' myself.
I've had poor treatment from alot of shops and I'll agree with Les and Coach that Jimmy wears it on his sleeve. I will also say that I learned more hanging around Jimmy, Les, Bob Y, John F, Leland, Duffer, Mark S, and a number of others either working the counter or buying materials at Patricks than anywhere else in my fishing carreer. Jimmy is a good friend and knows his shit when it comes to fishing in Washington or any salt water for that matter. I dig Patrick's and Jimmy. I also dig the crew at Orvis, Avid and All About. Bottom line for me is shop where you want and where ever is convenient. I don't have the luxury of driving an hour if I didn't get a foot rub the last time I bought a dozen flies. I for one will keep going to Patrick's when I can because real information minus the stroke is better than the alternative as far as I'm concerned.


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I'm in the camp of liking Jimmy and Patricks very much. I'm not a regular or big spender anywhere but when I go to Patricks I get the flyshop experience of my youth...hanging out at Moon's in Boise. Love the place and find Jimmy to be helpful and engaging. Place suits me just fine.
Just an observation, but it seems like everyone who likes Patrick's is probably 40+ yrs. old maybe older ( not saying old is bad, remember this is just an observation ) Possibly, this Jimmy simply cannot bridge the age gap or vise versa. Maybe he sees all these young punks coming in thinking they know everything, or he just assumes that they think like that. My grandpa still owns a power equipment store back in the midwest. He's 78, and comes off bitter, but older customers get along great with him. Just an idea that came to me.

I think everyone just needs to get out and fish more.

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I am a regular customer of every fly shop in the Greater Seattle area. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I am a regular customer of Patrick's and am pleased to call Jimmy my friend. He is an outstanding angler. He knows more about fly tying than most. For years he has patiently sat down at the vise and showed me how to tie a specific pattern. He has been very thoughtful at times finding me a specific material and doing work to help resolve a problem. I have also been in the shop when Jimmy is quiet.
I wish I knew more of you that never have a bad day.
Can't believe I just spent 20 minutes reading this thread. I've never been to Patrick's but it sounds like a unique experience. The guy must have something going for him if he continues to survive in this economy. Personally I like to give my business to Avid Angler. The whole crew there is top notch.
Nobody is asking for "the stroke".It's a matter of being respectful to some one who has made a choice to spend hard earned money in your store.When jimbo acts that way toward his customers it is purely a lack of respect.He may know a lot about fly fishing but so do the guys at all the other fly shops I've visited and and their advice comes without a condescending,sour attitude.It's about respect.
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