When is a fly too beat up to fish?

Yes, yes, and yes to all that have replied!! My 2 older boys that are 7 and 9 have tied flies that look like what you are fishing with. All 3 boys with my youngest being 4 have been learning to tie flies at 3 years old. With a short learning curve and attention span I've learned to use what my kids tie, for if it has a shape and a hook and I place in that path of the fish you will catch what you are going after! Keep using what you have!


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when you breaks the hook off....

THEN If it's caught fish before carefully cut the thread and retie it to another hook

I have a flatwing pattern I have retied four times with one eye that keeps catching fish
about 23 by now

I think the one eyed little bastard pisses them off

sea runs subscribe to "if it moves and it's smaller than me then Dinner is served"

Jim Ficklin

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As my Sainted Father told me years ago (1956, I was 8-years-old & starting my addiction to tying flies . . . ) . . . I sat at Dad's bench frustrated with ugly flies, ugly heads on ugly flies, and ugly fly-tying in-general, Dad walked up, accurately assessed the situation, and said: "Jimmy, there are two kinds of flies. Those that catch fish . . . and those that catch fishermen. If you can tie the first kind, you'll do all right. Stay with it and you will master the second kind." He was absolutely correct. Smartest man I have ever known, tho it took me a few years (while I was near the top of the list of the dumbest men I've ever known) to realize it. Bottom Line: if it fools fish, cast it.
i'd love to see that one Kelvin. i'll save lead eyes off clousers and other patterns but i havent gone as far as to save the entire fly and re-tie it to a different shank.
Well, I finally caught my second ever fly-caught fish using that little guy on Monday. 5 weeks of trying, 3-4 days a week on the beach = a Herring.

I'm about to explode.