Water Master Valves

Just got my WM today, looks great. The only thing I can't figure out is if the valves are two way or not. Is there some way I can inflate it to my desired pressure, take the pump out, and then screw on the lid without any air loss? I may not be doing it right because so far that has been the only way I have been able to do it. Or are they just one way and do I therefore have to inflate, pull it out quick, and quickly try to screw it in? Any help would be appreciated.


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I don't have a WM but their valve looks standard. It sounds like you have the valve in the full open position (2-way) It can be turned into a 1-way valve. Do you see a stem in the middle? Try pushing it in slightly while rotating it 1/4 turn. It should pop-up and stop the air from coming out. If you have a strong enough pump, you can inflate it with the valve in the 1-way position so you don't have to worry about the air coming out when you remove the pump. The valve cover isn't really to keep the air in but to keep water and stuff out.


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Yes it is a 2-way valve. As Freestone said, you can push in the valve and rotate it slightly in order to make it pop-up into the 1-way position. You can then inflate the WM with the valve in a 1-way position. Normally, however, I fill my WM with the valve in the 2-way position until the raft is almost completely inflated (it's a bit easier to fill in the 2-way position). Then, I shift over to the 1-way position to finish the job.

By the way, enjoy your WM. It's a great product, and I've had blast fishing water that I couldn't get to before.
You can get a fitting that depresses the one-way device allowing easier inflation. Not such a big deal with either barrel or foot type pumps, as these generate enough pressure to overcome the resistance of the one-way 'check valve'. However with electrically powered pumps, such as the LVM, it's nearly impossible to overcome the check valve resistance (actually, the "pressure drop" of the check valve) and achieve any reasonable level of inflation, so a fitting that depresses the check valve stem is a great addition.

I haven't checked lately, but I'm pretty certain you can get one of these fittings from any raft equipment store, such as NRS (http://www.nrsweb.com/). It may not be listed online, but I'm pretty sure if you call they can set you up with something that will work with your pump.