Was Beth Lake poisoned?


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How do we find out? On the way to the Okonogan Highlands last week I stopped by Beth Lake to check out the fishery. Normally this time of year fishing is outstanding with damsel patterns. Two years ago Roper, Jesse James and I fished it and probably caught over 100 fish in just a few hours. During my recent stop there I not only didn't get a single bump but never saw a fish rise as well. I know this lake pretty well and have fished it for years but nothing was happening. Another clue was that I was the only guy on the lake and the locals who would normally be fishing it were at Beaver instead.

I stopped by again today on the way home and studied the lake for awhile but again didn't see a single rise. Some of the folks I talked to at Beaver had heard a rumor that the lake had been poisoned but I can't imagine why. If anyone has any information on this or knows where we can find out please send it along.