Hiking float tube choice?

We're thinking of picking up a couple of float tubes for hiking. The watermasters are just to heavy for a long hike. What's a good lightweight tube set up?

Zack Leake

The user formerly known as "Zekester"
I have the U-Boat that Creek Co makes. It's not necessarily lightweight per se (just under 7 lbs.), but I can stuff it into a compression sack and get it down to the size of a smaller compressed sleeping bag. My whole setup comes in at just under 11 lbs (waders, fins, etc)

Barring getting a Curtis Raft (cough, cough), that's what I'm going to continue packing.

Also, I hear the Sevylor Raft is light, but super cheapo and prone to failure :eek:. I don't have one, but maybe someone else can comment.
+1 on the Creek Co. U-boat. I have stuffed this into my backpack before and hiked it in a ways. I can't imagine stuffing and re-stuffing is good for the bladders, but it's a cheap one and works great.