Lost Lake

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
After my trip to Picnic Point this morning I still had some fishing left in me. I ventured out to Lost Lake, It's about 10 minutes from my house and yet I have never fished there before, until today. There were a handfull of others there when I rolled in around 1. Most of them were fly fishers which was nice to see. It was pretty slow, got a nibble on a wooley, nada on the chiros and just when I was going to call it a day it got real hot. I landed three within 15 minutes. All were about 8 to 10 inches in size, real bright. I figured that was a good success so I called it a day. I'm going to have to give this lake some more quality time.

Ed Call

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Fresh and salt today eh? Any chance that the flies of success today were from the fresh and salt face to face swap?
If thats the lost lake by echo lake I fish that lake almost every week. I love that its so small and generally very quiet. I get the lake to myself most of the time. There are a few monsters in there, I caught a 21+ incher in there on Thursday.

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
Yup. thats the one. It's real close to my place. I have just always ventured out to the more infamous lakes. I have overlooked my own backyard. No more of that, Lost will be my go to lake!
Well we'll have to meet up there sometime. I'm usually there on Thursdays afternoon to early evening and sometimes on Fridays. Hit me up if you're ever going out on those days. FYI my new favorite fly for that lake is the water boatman.

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
Sure thing Casey, I drive right by it on my way home from work. If I get off early enough I will try to stop by and cast a few with you. I'll have a beer for you if you have a boatman for me. :beer2:

Old Man

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Warm and the rivers are a nice brown shade. I've had a cold for a week so I don't go out anyplace. But there is a nice little creek close by that will get my attention when ever this stupid cold has run it's course.


Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
Casey, toons in the boat. I will be on lost after work. dont catch them all. save a few for me. I'm up in darrington and checked out fortson today. Damn I wish today was June 1.
Dang it! I with I would have seen this post sooner. I did my fishing in the salt this morning and wasn't planing on going to the lake today although I would have gone out for a couple hours had I known you were headed there. Next week?