Swap Face to Face SRC Marine Worm Swap


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Matt the middle one in your three pictures is what I am tying
it a Ken Abrams flat wing
in brown and red

worms and fish
a good combo no matter where you go I guess

Matt no offense but I gotts to say it...
your picture reminds me of howdy doody


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I know Kings open but I will be in the bay area that weekend for work and
fishing for strippers if I can work it out and I think Gig Harbor is the place at this point
although given I live in Seattle that would be easy for me

again I will base it on what works best for the majority of the tiers
but let me know soon love to have ya cause I know the patterns will be good

well if it is between seattle and silverdale, I am in. if not, i am out. Its just too much of a cluster to go anywhere on a friday night at that time. I might also suggest about 1 week sooner, as the King season will be opening up and further complicating matters.


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I added two more spots thats gonna be it for now

1 Kelvin
2 DimeBrite
3 John Hilt
4 Steve Saville
5 Ed Call
6 Ben Waldschmidt
7 Chester Allen
8 Mathew Gulbranson
9 Rob Ast
10 Richard Torres
11 Eric Tarcha
12 Kerfwappie
13 Rockfish
The new shop is practically across the street - just about a block away. It's small but they have a good selection of materials. I checked it out this past Saturday after fishing at Dock's Place. Good people. We are going to trade worms but I wouldn't object to brining other patterns if anyone else is interested. The Tides is okay with me. I haven't been there in a long time.

Ed Call

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Steve that looks like a great tube worm pattern. This sounds like it is building into a pretty cool swap...great idea Kelvin!

Rob Ast

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I just read the original thread that started this bad boy. Some great patterns in there. Funny, I was thinking about tying a snot dart before I saw it mentioned in the thread, Thera re one or two other possibilities as well.


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Count me in had a great time at the last face to face. I have to come up with some sort of pattern but Ill get something tied up.