Dealing with the $$$ question


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I've sold all my tying tools and materials and re-acquired them all three seperate times. The last time I sold all my stuff I told my wife that if I ever decide to start tying flies again that she is to take out my .357 Mag and shoot me in the head! Well, I just bought another set of tools and a few materials, and I didn't get shot for doing it! I'm gonna get this tying thing down yet! For me it is sometimes, no, most times, an exercise in frustration but I persevere. Stay tuned everybody...all this crap may be for sale again soon!


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I would start with an inexpensive kit, you can get one from a number of different places, cabellas for one, then if you find its something you enjoy you can invest in more expensive tools and materials, there really isn't any reason to go out and spend 300 bucks on something you might not even get into, when I first started tying I was given a knoll kit that was very old it came with a practically worthless potmetal vice that soon broke but before it did I had caught a fish on a fly (a total fluke) that I had tied and from there I was lost addiction, obsession, compulsive behavior call it what you will but its not a hobby, the fly shop is the man I copp and then I go home and fix up. There is really no need to spend alot on tools most you can make yourself and as far as vices go its all personal choice I still tie on a 30.00 knockoff I was given as a gift almost 20 years ago.
Tying rocks and it sucks at the same time. I hate thinking about the money aspect of it. Just dont do it. Tying will make you a much better fisherman, and the pure satisfaction of catching a fish on your own tie is amazing. Everyone thought i was crazy, hopping up and down in the stream with a 7 inch brownie in my hand, giggling like a madman. But thats all it takes and well over a thousand bucks later im still tying. Though its funny when you start going into craft stores with your girlfriend and she's making fun of you for dragging her with you for the sake of legitimacy.
more like this should be dealing with the $wife$ question!

I am lucky my woman encourages me, then says..... TALK TO ME before you spend!

at least it is good ..... i have no problem with money ...I SPEND IT WELL!

either way she knows it is a good hobbie!


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I tie better flies for cheaper than I can get in stores. Last time I bought flies I couldn't even fish with them because they broke when I tried to clean the gunk out of their eyes
I'm 55 and have been tying since I was 9. My wife of 25 years, bless her heart, married into it. I shudder at the cost of start up these days, but will offer a couple of words of advise. Tools-Buy good stuff. It'll basically last forever, as long as you don't lose it (moving sucks!).
Materials-Buy good stuff. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear. I see a lot of posts about going to the crafts store. That works if you know what your looking for, but until you get educated about materials, let someone who knows guide you. Craft store feathers are usually crap, and come in goofy colors. Not to say that there aren't some finds there, but that it takes experience to know what's a buy and what's not.
Storage- Secure your materials. And put them away when you're not tying. A rubbermaid sweater box will keep kids, dogs, cats and bugs out of your stuff. You really don't want to tell the missus that you need another Whiting Grizzly cape 'cuz the dog ate it.
All that said, enjoy your new hobby. I haven't fished with a fly tied by someone else in a really long time, but I still can see that rainbow eat my grey hackle yellow when I was 12 like it was yesterday.
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I think the joke goes as such....
150 bucks on fly tying vise
25 buck on fly hooks
25 bucks on fly tying material
Catching a fish on your own tyed fly......Priceless
Had a great day today with a fly I tied myself and pinks! Great feeling, especially when you are outdoing all the surrounding gear fisherman. $$$$? It's worth every penny!