waders with pontoon?

i just got a pontoon and am planning on taking it out to a lake tomarrow.
Just wondering if i should take my waders leave them at home.
Thanks for any help.

Ed Call

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I prefer fins over oars for all but getting super fast from one point to another. Fins can keep your hands fishing while holding your position against the wind. Fins can keep you working that shorline progressively from point A to B. I'd bring them.
I really agree w/Ed last sunday, I was fishing w/ Eric T. and he was in a tube and I was in my pontoon. He seriously out-fished me. (Probably because I am not a great fisherman) Also because I had to put down my rod whenever I wanted or needed to move my location. Fins will allow you to move or hold your position, WHILE you fish. Have fun and good luck!


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Bring the waders and the fins. I only use the oars for getting to the area I'm going to fish faster. Once I'm there I usually use the fins to move around while I'm fishing just like Ed and Ben both mentioned. Good luck on the lake :thumb:


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Zach ...what they said, plus if no waders you are going to get your ass wet. Remember, it do rain in NW. Also, you will step into deeper water than you thought. I quit using oars (I leave them in truck) now that I have a "Green" Minn electric, but like Ed, just use for point A to B, then fins. Stealth is a big part of fishing success. BTW, looking to get the flip up fins. Any users? Zene
I use my waders in the cold weather ,but most of the time I wear the "chaps" style breathable wading legs. I had them by hodgeman and just bought some from dan baileys. Makes for easy pee stops. Allways have fins on in a lake . I rarely use my oars. me fins keep me in place when Im not using a anchor plus I can fish and move around etc.
I echo everything thats been said here. I went all last year without fins and I picked some up for this season and don't know how I lived without them!


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No, no, no, no waders in lakes!!! It is summer and that mean swim trunks, neoprene booties and full-size fins. If your pontoon gets your butt wet when fishing in a lake, you don't have a pontoon boat, but a belly boat - recheck the label!! Find a yard sale and buy some used scuba fins - lots of power (carry an extra strap - the voice of experience). Yeah, you're going to have weird tan line from the booties, but they will keep the blisters down. Generally, the only time that I'm using my oars when lake fishing is when I'm heading back to the barn. I have so much more control over my position and speed when using my fins and I can cast and retrieve on the move.

Man there is a lot of good info here - answers to questions I would've never thought to ask in the first place. One more tho....can you move forward in a 'toon or tube using fins or do you have to rotate 180 degrees (backwards) then swing around again to fish that spot?

Thinking I should've bought that 9' 'toon at Joes 2 weeks ago just before they closed the doors for good, Creek Co. I think, for $279 marked down from $899 (?)! Picked up one of the (black) oars and must've been solid fiberglass or Ironwood....jeeez, about 12 lbs I think! Had a nice diamond plate rack behind the seat and a mount for a motor as well but no set up for an anchor tho.

(Always a day late & a dollar short!)

Ed Call

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When fin kicking you will be headed backwards. With practice you'll be able to kick parallel to the shore yet cast ahead of where you are going to keep from passing over fish and "putting them down". Having recently upgraded my pontoon and also adding a float tube I'm really happy with the access to water that I never could reach before. Best of luck, watch the classifieds here, there are several floatation craft available now and from time to time.