Access to Koeneman Lake in Kitsap Co

You should forget fishing until next week. Finish school strong. Fishing is not white hot and will wait!
Ahhh, a true parent. LOL.
I agree with Colton, and I would be willing to donate $5 to the log cabin people when they get done with construction to park my vehicle there. Just like a donation at Cady.
To be young, energetic and ... again would be great. :rofl:


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i don't think koeneman lake gets stocked?
were they rainbows?
i got to get in there some time this week!
It was stocked with 100 fish. The trail is not that hard to get into, but it is a walk of 35 minutes. I haven't been there in 2 years however. I might go give it a try one of these days...


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Colton, try checking the states website for stocking reports, every year the state puts in fish at times very large fish once it was stocked with a bunch that were covered with sores and wounds perhaps to slow the poaching, didn't help though, one year they put in huge cutts, broodstock massive fish, these didn't last long either but for one summer many years ago a size 18 royal coachman parachute was the fly to toss the fish just couldn't leave them alone. All said though the state does stock the lake with rainbows usually nice ones they just never last that long, its too bad nice little lake.
Were you guys fishing from tubes? My friends and I hiked up to Koeneman Lake a few weeks ago to try fishing for bass and trout and it was impossible to try and fish the area from shore.

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Hook them, mark your GPS plotter. Hook them again, mark your GPS plotter. Continue until you've emptied your fly box or filled your GPS plotter.

Sorry man, I just had to give you some grief.


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Those nasty little anchor ropes, left over hazards from long ago, it would be interesting to see what they must look like all decorated with rusty deteriorating flies. If you were putting in from the old camp side of the lake they are roughly in the middle just to the left of the put in, if you look closely you can just make out the location, the tops barely break the surface and can be seen if you look for them.

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
we should just go cut them out?
what harm could that do. the lakes not that cold

tony:what is the old camp side. where is it at from when you cross the creek?


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Someone should find the article on the radiation experiments done on that lake--and post a copy at the trailhead. I'm certain it would go a long way towards stopping the poachers.

--Dave E.


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Sorry been gone awhile, the old camp is to the right after you cross the creek, fairly easy to spot, its just below where the road pretty much ends, or right above the old boat launch, should be some signs of it concrete pad I think.