consider it my birthday gift. im rollin out next tuesday after work headed east to bozeman. but im lookin to hit some goldies as close to I-90 as possible between vantage and the first bar i see in idaho. crashin on a buddies couch in post falls then wakin up and headin to bozeman.

um, a long shot here maybe, but will u pick me up in spokane?? Ive always wanted to fish with some people my age... i will buy some tilt... I bet you can nail a few carp by the I90 bridge on moses lake. (maybe)
About two weeks ago when I was on my way to idaho the last bridge into moses was full of em on the left side. I could see them jumping all over. Other than that Try gettin off in town and trying down by the I-90 bridges. Carry a shank for the sketchy dudes. Hitting montana huh im headed over there next month for a big loop through the idaho panhandle down throug ennis, to yellowstone, then silver creek, then the "o" then back through eastern wa for some desert recon. let me know if you wanna meet up somewhere in there. Good luck bro.

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Sean, If your goin' to Bozeman I say ditch the carp and hit 'em up on the way back! Carp will be here all summer and you will only be headin' to Montana once... Just my $0.02...

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i have heard of them being plentiful in the spokane river within the city limits...put some bells on your vest and make lots of noise so you dont startle a tweeker. they are usually more afraid of you than you are of them.
old man jim you rascal you! you are floating down the big hole with me and matney and there isnt a damn thing you can do it about it. i already triangulated your location via google earth! it wasnt hard to spot your fat ass!!! bring your quad!!
oh yeah thanks for the spots. ive got one on lockdown its on.

i might save it for the way back and just haul ass to rock creek and rough it with timothy and his gang of merry folk for a night. fish that then head to bozeman. so many activities.....


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I can think of two spots off hand you could catch a carp while standing on I-90. Moses Lake & Winchester Wasteway.

However....I would take the time get a little further off I-90 for a better fishing situation... and less chance of being hit by a car or truck.... or hooking one on a back cast. Kevin's suggestion is viable... sort of depends on river levels as most spots do. If they have it drawn way down the carp pull back into the river proper and your out of luck there. If that is a bust you could just drive a couple miles further down river and try just above the railroad bridge at Beverly in that little bay/cove you can see from the road. Walk to the very upper end of the bay... and you should be able to see carp. This is a 60 second walk from where you'll park your rig. Another I-90 option is to get off at Vantage and go south a half mile at most and look down at the river and you'll see a long skinny slough... which had about 1.5 million carp in it last week. That one is 5 minute walk down the hill and hop the fence. That gives you 2 above the dam and one below the dam spots of which one or more of them should be happening and the rest is up to you!

If the water is muddied up use a black carp candy, if clear try a SJW. Now all you need is sunshine to see good and you should slay the beasts:thumb: