Bad/Good Day

Keaten LaBrel

Formerly Tyinbugs
Today I loaded up my stuff and headed out to the Blackfoot for the first time in a long time (summer-school is gay). Word has it that the salmonflies and goldens have been all over the river and the fish have been goin nuts for um, so i decided to bust out the dry-fly rod for about the 2nd time this year (1st time was for skwalas on the B-root). When i got to one of my favorite spots on the lower reaches i immediately jumped out to check the stream-side bushes for the big bugs...didn't see one! So i did what i do best...rig up the 9' 8wt w/ the streamer express line and tie on a 5" nasty. From the get go things were going downhill. I was snagging the brush behind me every other cast, wrapping the line around the eyelets, the top section was poppin off every 10 casts or name anything that can go wrong and it pretty much happened...not to mention tearing my fav. simms waders on a sharp rock. F***! As i'm in the middle of throwing a second grade temper tantrum, a quick shower passed through and the river became alive. Green drakes were EVERYWHERE on the water and the fish were going nuts for um. it was crazy seeing the river turn around like i ran back to the truck and quickly strung up my 5wt w/ a #8 royal wulff (i was well equipped with about 10 salmon/stoneflies/attractors and roughly 500 streamers). it didn't matter what fly i has on...first cast i hooked and landed the first fish pictured below. just about every other cast after that was a fish. about 6 fish in i hooked a little 8-9" bow and as i was strippin about as quick as i could the fish jumped outta the water about 3' in the air...i thought this was pretty crazy considering the fish's size, but shortly after it hit the water i found out the reason why. immediately after it hit the water, my rod bent all the way to the cork and line started to peel like i was hooked into a b-run steelie...25" bull inhaled the fish. I've had this happen once before so i wasn't too suprised, but i wasn't able to land the bull b/c he let go of the fish right at the last minute. As the day went on the fishing just got better and better and i ended up hooking around 30 fish (i know most of you are callin bullshit, but i don't care). granted most of these fish were 10-15" fish but there were a few fatties in there too. definitely one of the worst and best days i've had on the river!