Yet Another Reel Question...

I am hoping I can ask for the assistance of some of the more experienced folks on the board with regards to a reel purchasing question. I am in the market for a reel for my 9 wt. rod that I intend to use for Steelhead and Salmon both in fresh and salt water. I am trying to decide between the following reels:

1. Redington Rise 9/10 (Pro: Price)
2. Ross CLA #4 (Pro: Reputation)
3. Orivs Battenkill Large Arbor (Pro: Warranty, Local shop)

I have read some of the past posts on reels (both here and the saltwater section) and they always seem to break down into about 10 different reels being suggested. Not that I am complaining mind you, because it is all useful information, but I am specifically looking to purchase one of these three reels ($230 is my top-end), and (as my name suggests), I can't seem to find a clear winner.

I appreciate any input you are willing to give based on your experience with these reels/companies!


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I would look at a Redington...but not the Rise. Look at the CDL. I have about 5 of these, have used them in Mexico...Northwest...Costa Rica...stripers in VA. Price point on their website is $219, but you might find a deal at a local shop.

Titanium, great drag system, and the spools can interchange very easily (which is one of my favorite selling points).

Really bullet proof. CDL


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Out of the selection I would lean towards the Ross, but that is a personal choice. You listed three quality reels and they would serve well.

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Make sure that your reel will handle salt water. I would trust the Ross over the others. The very best reel for salt water is the Abel big game series. Really stands up to salt water and is extremely smooth, reliable and simple. There currently several for sale on E-bay for less than $300. Super Six or Super 7. Make sure you get the one with the Standard Spool. It holds the most line. I have 3, 3N's (Super 6) that I use with 8Wt for bonefish. It will handle 7,8 & 9 weight. The super 7 might be a better fit. I just bought a 3N standard spool on E-bay for $295.00. You should check it out. Good luck.
Go to Cabela's now! They have the Momentum reels reduced yet again. I just bought a Momentum #8, retail for $625 for $195. The smaller sizes are comparably priced. You'd be looking for a #5, probably.
All, thanks for the advice! I typically don't do a knee-jerk buy, but I ordered one of the Momentums from Cabelas. I really wanted to give this business to a local shop, but I can't ignore the price, and since it Cabela's, I can always take it back (or my guess, sell it on-line) if I decide I don't like it.