A not-entirely-useless fishing report

Not entirely useless because it got me outta the heat for a bit last weekend. :beer2:

After getting some helpful hints from a fellow forum member, I struck out on a decidedly low tech solo fishing expedition. Shorts/t-shirt, an old pair of sneakers, my 2wt and a couple of fly boxes is all I needed. An hour in the truck put me at the first of a couple locations along a nice little creek on the brown side of the evergreen state. I whacked my way through head-high weeds to find a place where the current mellowed a bit and tied on a little pheasant tail nymph. Didn't take but a cast or two before a feisty little rainbow all of about 4 inches long gobbled the thing up and headed for the hills. I wandered up and down this stretch, catching fish every couple of casts until the little nymph was hardly recognizeable. At that point I tied on an elk hair caddis. I don't think these guys are very picky. Even with my poor casting skills, as long as I could get a couple feet of good drift I'd get a bite. I love seeing those aggressive little guys come up from the bottom off the clear water and attack the fly.

After stopping for a bit to watch a small snake swim around chasing tiny fish, I packed up and moved on to the next spot. Further downstream, this location offered some deeper holes and more variety of water. Deeper holes means bigger fish. I came across a couple of nice runs that seemed to be chock full of 8-10" fish. A small prince nymph was the ticket to coaxing them up from the bottom, although I suspect anything that looked "buggy" might have the same effect. By now it was early afternoon and the temp was pushing 90. The water was cool and refreshing and I didn't want to leave. I had some family obligations back home, an hour and another world away from this beautiful little river. I packed it up and headed back to the truck, the sloshing of my sneakers a reminder of the great stretch of water I had just fished.

The road home crosses this river a bunch of times, and on the drive I decided to pull over and explore a couple spots to see if they were accessable. The last such stop had me under a railroad bridge. As I looked downstream I could see some nice looking water, so I headed off with rod in hand and only the tattered little prince nymph that was tied to the leader. Around the bend out of sight from the road was a fantastic looking spot. An underwater ledge with a channel that leads into a deep pool of calm clear water. Surrounded by trees, it was an awkward spot to fish for sure. A bit of patience was rewarded, though, with my biggest fish of the day. Didn't restrain him long enough to measure or anything, but I guess he was 11 or 12 inches. Big enough to have some heft to his body, and big enough to bend my noodly little 2wt down to the grip. Ending on a high note, I wandered back to the truck and headed home vowing to come back to this place and explore it more fully.

It's no big secret location, but a short drive from where I live it's instandly become my own little oasis in the desert. A place to come cool my heels, literally and figuratively.

Thanks Wayne.
No ticks, no snakes aside from the little harmless ones in the river.

Didn't even see another fisherman while I was on the water.

If there are ticks and snakes, I don't fish there, so of course they aren't around. Glad you had fun. I need to get my kids up there to enjoy the water.