Swap Bellingham swap at Boundry Bay

Any Bellingham people want to do a swap? Any pattern goes and we can meet for a beer to exchange them (date tbd). Hoping for 6-12 people.

Tight lines!!

So far we have:

1. Me
2. Josh (not tying but buying beer =-))
3. Mozart?
4. Rick
5. Jeremiah (from Whidbey Is. but it's all good)
6. Adam (also not tying but might buy a round)
7. Paul
8. FFB
9. Bugboy (If he's not fishing out of state)


dead in the water
Don't tie? Is the Danvise now a coat hangar?
I should have been more specific. I haven't had time to continue to learn to tie since Jack was born. My free time is limited and I'd rather fish then tie.

Hanger? no. Paperweight? yes.
I am open to suggestions. I was thinking that this one would be any flies that you have had success with around Bellingham. We can be more specific if people want to be.

I am planning to tie a foam extended body mayfly pattern that has worked well at Squalicum Lake but am open to other theme suggestions.
I'll jump in if it's allright. I'm down on Whidbey and you should know I am rather new to tying (and fly fishing for that matter), but if you'll have me I'll do it.

I'm good with just about anytime to meet. I need the time to be after 5:30 on weekdays and after 2:00 on Sundays. Saturday anytime is good.
Is there a theme yet, or we sticking to any fly that's worked for us?


dead in the water
Don't know how to tie flies yet, but would love to meet for a brew.
I'll vouch for this guy.

Adam, I've got an old school basic vise you can borrow if you want to give trying a go. I'm sure a few of the B-ham guys would be willing to teach you a few things.
Alright, we now have 6 people but only 4 tying. I am hoping for at least 6 tiers so feel free to join if you want to. If you can't make it up here we can mail the flies too.
I'm in Seattle, and have just taken up tying, so if scraggly balls of stuff count as a pattern, I think I know what I would tie.

So, if you'll let me, knowing I'm a noob and geographically undesirable, I'd love to join. I'ld be aiming to join for the meet-up as well, provided the date & time work out.

Oh, I have family in Whatcom county, does that help? :D