South Holston (TN)

I was back in Georgia visiting family at the end of June. My Dad and especially my father-in-law have become enamored with the South Holston tailwater so we scheduled a side trip up there so they could show me what it's all about. It is a pretty place, that's for sure.

For the past several years I've only been back in late December and January, so it was nice to see the Southeast in its greenest splendor again, even if half of that green is kudzu. Anyway, based on my experience, the South Holston has a ton of fish and a ton of sulphurs. We fished an afternoon, a full day, and then a morning. Each day, the river would seriously come alive when the bugs started to move. The water is gin clear and the fish see a lot of flies, though, so presentations had to be careful, and some fish were pickier than others, so that made it a lot of fun. It was also surprising how skinny of water I would pick up multiple fish in. There's a pic below of a treed bank with water maybe 6" deep--that spot held at least a half-dozen fish. I'm not usually a fish-counter (especially if the catching's going well--usually I'll get up to 6 or 7 and forget to keep track) but the presence of the parental units changed that a little. I caught 39 fish in those 3 fishing sessions, and the pace was very relaxed. It's a neat place, and I hope to go back and tie into one of those hawg browns that I saw pictures of at the local fly shop.