Kitsap Beach Outing 8/18 am


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The morning over the 18th should be a great morning for pursuing coho off the local beaches. I am going to head out with popper and see what happens. I think it would be a good time if a group wants to gather. Newbies are welcome to come see what it is all about.
Lets get a group together and go.


"Chasing Riseforms"
Sounds like a good plan D3. Maybe a meet up place like in Suquamish at that pizza joint or something after the days outing? Never been in there however. Or some dive in Kingston? Or, back to Voodiez. My thoughts.

By the way, nice fatties!!


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Bella Luna in suquamish is fantastic. highly reccomend it! might be a good place to go after but with the tide the way it is, i am not sure how long the fishing will last or I will be able to fish depending on whats going on at work.
Location will depend on the quality of fishing at various locations prior to the 18th. You can come out anytime but i will likely be there just after first light.


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I would love to be there andd bring someone new to fly fishing
what do I need to do?

how can I contribute?

where when?


Ed Call

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D3, tentatively in. Have canopy. Know a small number of places that might be productive. One is conveniently near a small parking lot area with a picnic area too. If up to the minute reports reveals it as an option I think it would accomodate a few anglers with coolers, canopies and grills.

Chester Allen

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I'm interested -- and would contribute some tasty snacks! Kelvin, are you thinking about bringing the charming friend who attended the marine worm fly swap?

Scott Orness

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August 18th? Looks like some great tides that week. I'll join in the fun if I am back from wackin' walleye on Lake Roosevelt. I should be back on the 17th.
I am definitely in! My birthday is the 17th, so what better way to treat myself with some time on the salt with people who actually know what they're doing. Just let me know where and I'm all over it.