Steelhead fishing this week

I plan on heading out to do a little steelhead fishing later this week. Anyone interested in going just let me know. I'm trying to figure out what my best bet is going to be. The Sky? Grande Ronde? Deschutes? So many choices, so little time!
I Fished the Yak yesterday and came across a big ol' snake with a baby toy on it's tail! This was my first close encounter with a rattler. After screaming like a little girl and getting away from it. I had to sneak back and take few pics.(with my zoom lens). I was just curious how common it is to see them on the Yakima (lower canyon)

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Now is probably the best time to be looking for summer runs. I bet the GR is still to warm for steelies to move into, but it is supposedly good for smallmouth bass right now.

But the NF Stilly is known to me as the river to fish in September. Especially midweek, the crowds aren't there, and the steelies are. Life is good, and the fly fishing is better.

As to rattlers in the Yak, you ought to talk to the rock climbers who climb in the canyon in winter and early spring. Rattlers everywhere when the weather warms up. Get used to them, they are your friends.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
You mentioned Steelies in the N/F Stilly. Well you still can't use weighted flies there yet. Because of the kings spawning. Well I was up there today and all the kings are nothing but dead and fungus bearing bodys. They ought to lift that ban on weighted flies now instead of the end of the month. But of coures they might reinstate because of the Humpy's in the river.

On the Grande Ronde generally the last week in September the native fish begin to move in. Flows should be in the 800 to 1000 cfs. for decent fishing. You might check the flows chart on the river page. The Deschutes has lots of fish near the mouth, there was a thermal block on the Columbia causing the fish to stack in the lower Deschutes.

Dave Tucker
Thanks for the info, I haven't fished the NF of the Stilly yet. I'll probably take a drive to check it out. I'll probably go up to the Upper Sky and do it a little fishing and picture taking...
The Deschutes has very low visibility right now, because the White River is pumping in lots of glacial silt. The water temperature in the lower river on Saturday was 63 degrees.