San Juan trip

I just got back from the San Juan trip this past Friday. Spent the past two weeks up there. The weather was great the views were a sight. The fishing was slow. I was about a week late for the Pinks. There were still a few around but they were travling though fast. Only time for one cast and they were gone. Saw two schools of Sockey also moving though fast. The Silvers were just starting to come in Thursday 9-11 to places like Cattle point and other places on the outside edges of the islands, but they were still few in numbers. The fishing was slow for me with the fly rod but others up there were still doing ok with the pink buzz. I spent most of the time at places like Jones, James and Reid Harbor but did hit Friday Harbor for a night on the town.
From talking to people back here at home in Des Moines it sounds like the Silver fishing has been hot around here. I hope it stays that way for a few more weeks since I will not make it out till the weekend after next for more saltwater fishing. After all the Salt I need some fresh water time next weekend on some lake maybe Rettlesnake maybe some where else.
Peace and tight lines.