I kind of want to come to said event, just to watch the "shit show". But seriously, after getting mean mugged last week by a fat fuck in a Hawg Quest sweatshirt in 90 degree weather, I think ill take my dog to the island. Evan used to live in my house, and he knows i dont deal well with wanna be toughguys
where the hell did you get mugged? and who picks a fight with a 300lb manbearpig?
JCNEWBIE, - I think that was me. I caught one Wednesday AM, and I remember that somebody sitting on the logs asked me about it. Nice fish, fun to play, beautiful to see, and then safely released.
If the guy you saw sitting on the log was a dashing, devilishly handsome, distinguished in appearance with graying hair and with slight traces of black still showing, gray goatee and reddish moustache with tinges of gray, wearing a bluish, plaidish shirt and glasses.....like the "Dos Equis man"(except for the glasses)....'prolly not me!....just kidding....nice to meet you, Ron. :D Maybe next time we'll have more conversation....it's a small beach!

Glad you enjoy the fishing. I enjoy fishing too....but not the idiots. Probably why you were waay down the beach! :thumb:

Jc :)


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I'll probibly be there on Saturday but, call me an unsocial bastard or whatever you would like but when you all are saying hello, I'll be somewhere along the beach catching fish. I will however have a fly or two to trade.
jc did i meet you yesterday? i had a conversation with a really nice guy in the parking lot, and did indeed lose a few that day.

got some landed today though
Nice fish E. I threw my sabots in the machinery today so to speak, so I'm free to carpool and fishpool Saturday again.
i'll be there at first light offering a free clinic on how to throw the perfect tailing loop.

i won't be hard to pick out
Evan: We should have a contest for the knottiest, gnarliest, twisted tailng loops & wind knots....should be fun!.....I'd win though....:beathead::beathead::eek:

Jc :rofl:
I drove over to the BP and DP this evening just to see how to get there and where to park. At BP there was quite a few folks along the beach but I saw no fly fishermen. Quite a few fish were caught South fo light house.

Drove over to DP and looked it over. Parking lot was full of course. Again I saw no fly fishermen and no fish caught during the time I was there. It appears that the DP beach is better for fly casting, but two fly shops told me to go to BP.

I have my brother-in-law visiting from Michigan and he only has tomorrow to fish. I would like to give him a good shot at a few fish. Anyone have an opinion between the two places.

Mike it was good talking to you in the parking lot today. I was the one with the white truck just getting ready to go fishing. And after buzzing and bombing them for a bit I pulled out the fly rod for a few mins after some of the croud started to leave. But I didnt get anything just some fresh greens on the end of my line. There were a few out there jumping though. But just no action on the end of my line.