West Seattle

Went to my not-so-secret secret beach and caught a nice clipped silver for the BBQ on my second cast. Fish were breaking the surface here and there. True to form, I caught nothing, nor had any hits, after catching one so early. Stuck with a pink Miyawaki the whole time--didn't try any sub-surface patterns for pinks.

My 12' two-hander and AFS floater worked great with both OH and switch casts--great beach set-up.

Cleaned the fish, found a 4" herring in its mouth, and a 3"-er in its stomach. Sweet.

I'm glad you did better than me...I ended up LDR'ing one fish and caught well over 4 buzz bombs. It was good to see the beach not that crowded today.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Saw a couple of flyguys catch a few fish at the not-so-secret place the day before yesterday. I wasn't one of them. Gear guys were doing well.
Got in the lineup today with at one count 45 gear guys and did pretty well. Got 3 and missed a few more from 10-11 then had to leave, it was pretty slow the first hour from 9-10 but once the tide got going the fish moved in a bit closer. Pretty much everyone using gear was catching fish this morning, even the kids were getting into it. There were a few other fly fishers on the edges of the main crowd but didn't see the ones down from me hooking up.