'Boring' Pink Salmon Catch N Release Video II


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No more words...just fish. I won't post the rest of the videos here. You can check em out on the blog. Thanks to my Dad for the awesome filming between fish. Don't worry, he got his fair share of fish too!

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"My arm is about ready to fall off...hard fishin'" Right. :) .
When you put in 10 out of 14 days on the water, both on the beach, 3 days in a pram, and the last day on the boat. Routinely throwing 80'+ casts, hooking fish nearing the 200 mark, and having your hands ripped up with the salt, sand and line cuts. I guarantee you'll be feeling tendonitis of both your forearms, shoulder and joints and sting in your stripping fingers. Not that I am complaining, cause I'd be out again the next three days if I could...

I woke up a little sore but a good workout in the gym will take care of that... My buddy whom I called a 'wimp' cause he landed between 20-30 one day and complained of rotator and tennis elbow isn't a girly man either. 6'5", 250 lbs and former college B-Baller. Although it doesn't look like Im in pain, but I felt it later that evening and especially this morning. Just wonder how those Deadliest catch or commercial fisherman do it day in a day out without much rest. That has got to be one of the toughest jobs known to man.

Im done with the Pinks and now looking towards the Coho. Good luck everyone. :beer1:


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Gene, I still have those pontoon boat accessories that I have to get to you... Geesh, hope it won't have to wait until I see you again at Chico. Let me know if you're swinging up north.


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you guys are getting the numbers down south. we have had some nice days up north, but with the netting and a "way over forecast" going our numbers are not great.
have fun, we had a good run 2 years ago. who knows maybe it will get better up here.
good luck.


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Nice technique, YL.
funny, I thought you were an older dude.
great vid, man

...in the 80's I was one of those guys on the Bering Sea, on a dragger not a crabber. When people tell me how hard their job is, I catch myself smirking. Can't help it.
It's mental-you got to tell your big buddy to stop being a "Gurlie Man",ice/ibuprofen/whiskey up, and go fish! shit, us 9/5ers are really jealous and he's whining after 20 fish. Hell, it's just a little pain. that's what we used to tell each other at sea..."hell, it's just a broken finger"...