Eastside Tour


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I'm working on putting together a plan to travel to the eastside for a few days of fishing and depending on when I go, maybe some bird hunting.
Looking at dragging my canoe along so I can hit Lenice, Lenore but starting at Rocky Ford. Is camping available at either one of the lakes or should I plan on heading back to Rocky Ford at the end of the day.
Also are water and air temps going to be unfishable in mid September?
I'd like to finish it off by hitting the Yakima, I havent fished it at this time of year... only earlier and later. where would be the best bet for good fishing and semi-easy wading.
Lastly, and no I havent checked the regs... whats open in regards to bird hunting and where would be a good place to go?
There is no camping at Lenice. There is a state park not far from Lenore at sun lakes. Also by Quincy you can camp free by the Qunicy/Burke Lakes area which you would have to access from White Trail Road. This area requires you to have a fish/game parking permit.