Swap Articulated Madness

Ed Call

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The swap is half empty, or is it half full. Get your ass in on this one. Meeting face to face and swapping flies is a hot trend. Articulated flies are a hot ticket to tight lines with monsters doing battle with man. Put your name in this thread!


He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron
Make it 8 now mumbles! Count me in.

I'll tie up my purple X's that have served me well. ;)

Ed Call

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Holy crap, we got Mr. E. This is royalty all...note his pattern is even in the color of royalty...purple! Glad to have you!

Gary Dills

3 weight to 10 weight
Ed...count me in. Intruder style with Black blue, pink, whatever. PM me your addy. I just might be on the Rhonde on Oct 2...bummer huh?

Ed Call

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Just checking in and putting this back to the top of the pile. Well, we have two slots empty, but ten tyers is pretty good. Maybe someone wants to get in on this while it is hot! How is everyone doing? Will there be any complications with the meet up at the end of the month? Is anyone coming via a ferry? If so, tell me which one. Right now there are a couple of places on my radar as good locations to meet. All serve some brew and grub. Anyone have a preferred business to visit or one that you detest, send me that info (PM preferred if it is a NOT THIS PLACE).
That Doc's Grill in B.I. seemed to work out for the last one you hosted. But I'm all for trying something different, if you've got another place in mind.

Oh yeah, I have about 3 tied so far. Will probably finish this weekend, though. I'll post a pic of the finished product when I'm done.

Ed Call

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Thanks Ben, I thought Doc's worked well also. For those taking a ferry from Seattle they can pretty easily walk on the boat and walk to Doc's in about ten minutes or so.

There is a place near the Kingston ferry terminal too, actually there are two. Any preferences to Bainbridge over Kingston or Kingston over Bainbridge? I'm open for input.