Wooden Fishing Boats in Port Townsend

Bob Triggs

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Annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

Sep 11-13


This is the big one for you wooden boat cranks. Lots of examples of classic and modern, traditional to high-tech construction materials and methods, in and out of the water, and several days of presentations on allthings wooden boat. if you are interested in building your own fishing boats- to row or motor powered- this is a great place to start for ideas, information, contacts, tips etc. Every year some drifters and salty boats show up, always something inspiring. Most of the boats are home built in this regard. There are always a few proven Puget Sound originals, or modern recreations, of interest to me as a boating fisherman here. Its the best 3 days you'll get for this kind of support.

Angler 77

AKA Scott Jones
I just missed the festival last year and am looking forward to it this year. I'm finishing up my year at boat school in lowest Hadlock and have a new appreciation for the boats I will be seeing. Thanks for the post, it would be great if it was posted as an event too.


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Milt, call them up (link ablove) and see if you can bring your sweet little boat up and park it on the trailer in the yard for display for the festival. I understand that there is always room for small boats on land this late in the set up. Everyone there will love that boat of yours.

Milt Roe

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I'll try to make that happen Bob. Lots going on this time of year - Another 2 years and I wont have work or a kid to interfere with my schedule.

Hey - I did manage to handle a couple of SRC today...Life is good.