Yakima Float Trip Report & Guide Recomendation

Last Sunday my fiance arranged for us to float the Yak with a guide; what a good girl! We floated from Rhinehart Park down to the Ringer pull out. Since we fished pretty slowly this took most of the day. The river was in great shape and we managed to hook a dozen or so nice fish and countless little ones. Most fish were caught on blue winged olives and some october caddis later in the day.

I also must mention that I was really impressed with our guide, Jim Gallagher. He gave my fiance a great rate (much lower than some of the other Yak guides who in my opinion are a little pricey) and worked his butt off all day. He even had her casting and having a great time by the end of the day. If you're interested, his web site is: http://www.tightlinesangling.com