4th of July urban lake mission

I am thinking of tubing Bitter lake (or maybe Haller) in Seattle 6-7ish Friday morning. I haven't done too much lake fishing in this kind of environment and could use advise, especially from anyone familiar with the lakes. My expectations are pretty low, I am mainly just breaking in a new float tube and wanting to get out for a couple hours before I have other obligations.

What is a better bet, dragging around buggers and Carey Specials, or tossing deer hair bugs and bunnies into the lily pads and around docks for bass? Or is it mostly pointless to fish these locations at all? If anyone can offer any tips, fly ideas, etc., I would really appreciate it.
I know almost nothing about fishing for Bass, and since I'm new here in Washington I know nothing about that particular lake. So to be honest I'm not sure why I'm replying except to tell you that I almost never know what fly I should be fishing until I catch the fish on it. Look for hatches, and know the biology of the lake as well as you can. Congrats on the new tube. They're a lot of fun.


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Try Haller or Echo Lake. Haller is nicely fringed with trees and some houses. Good shade there! Lilly pads around the west, north and southeast. You can access it by driving east on 125th, off of Aurora. I think Haller is 30ft at its deepest.

Echo's access is at its northend, behind Costco and a block or so east. There's this little park you have to portage your float tube across. You might have your best luck at the south end of the lake. There's this apt/condo that creates some good shade for the trout. Swallows have turned that building into a guano cliff for a reason.

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