5/25-5/28 Fish Lake Report (near leavenworth)

Got to fish lake friday about noon, campground was sorta crowded, got into the water at about 1. Instead of using the boatlaunch we used the creek to get our tubes on the water, as we exited the creek i noticed a large green fish. A bass! so i went back to my camper and grabbed some bass flys and headed back out. The weather was calm and sunny so i could make out the bass moving around the lillys. Man the bass were big but they were picky, i couldnt get them to bite anything the first day, the only thing i picked up on the first day was a 14 inch trout that was hanging out in the lilly pads on a large black wooley bugger. I decided to call fishing quits about dusk, as i was kicking my way back into the creek i noticed huge schools of bass in the creek and near the inlet in the lake. Since the river was closed i was stuck fishing the area near the inlet with no sucess even though i used, crayfish, muddlers, buggers, zonkers, purple worm like flys,and clousers. and pretty much everything in my box wit no sucess. The next morning their were a few bass still in the creek but i scared them out as i was kicking out. The bass were still hanging in the lillys around the entrance to the creek so i decided to fish for them again, this time i got sorta lucky, i hooked up with 3 throughout saturday, but lost them all because they were all caught a few feet in the lillys and they'd wrap around them before i could pull them out, after calling it quits at about 5 o clock i decided to just kick right over the bass and get a good look at them in the pads, to my suprise their were about 10 large trout (16-22 inches) hanging out with the bass occasionally cruising about then coming back near the bass. (any one know why the trout would be doing this? it didnt look like the bass were on their beds yet) At about 6 i switched to fishing for trout and got a few bites but no hookups, on sunda and monday it was pretty much the same thing with trout, a few hookups but i didnt and any. probably because it was really windy

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Could be that they are chomping on the eggs and or baby bass.

But what the hell do I think what I know about any type of fishing.:confused: