5 Days

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
And I will be in Belize! So, any last minute tips, places I have to fish or eat? Should I keep anything that I catch down there to cook up for dinner? We're staying in a house so we'll be able to cook it up. Anything you would make sure you didn't forget at home?


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A handful of "Sight Savers" or facsimile. They're the little wet wipes for sunglasses. You WILL need them and your guide will appreciate the thought.

I also take a small roll of duct tape for my stripping fingers and whatever else comes up (or apart).

Have fun,

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
Ahh yes. I have the tape, good idea for the glass cleaner. Thanks!

BTW, I found a rod case that looks like it will fit all 3 of my rods nicely.



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chadk said:
Don't forget your shark and croc repellent...
:rofl: :thumb:

At least you don't need to worry about forgetting long underwear, gloves, wool socks, warm hat, etc. .......Have a great time ... :) :beer1:
think about one of those bandannas that you dip and water and place around your neck to keep cool. It can get real hot out there in the sun!

Have fun!
get one of those hats that have that extra material that drops over your neck. You wouldn't think it, but a day on the water will destroy the back of your neck. I've been to hawaii four times, and trust me, the sun is so far away, but so close.
(sung to the Heineken ad tune) Come to t'ink of it, I'll have a Belikan....Man, I envy you. Ambergis Cay is awesome. Cook the little snapper that hang around docks - tasty. Also, conch fritters.
if you don't have a sun shirt like a tarpon wear get one. Cotton is SPF8 The sun shirts are more like SPF30-40.

Also I second the tape. I would bring along some cloth first aid tape for the fingers. I use it when there are risks of line cuts or fish puncture the skin and I want to keep on fishing.

Chamois works good for cleaning glasses too.


PS: I think lobster season is just about to close.
I want a FULL report with pictures on your return Willie, and affidavits from an eye witness cleric for any fish that you claim to have caught weighing over 10 lbs.

ENJOY Willie.


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We found several good places to eat. The best meal we had was when we killed a couple of small jacks, and took them to a restaurant, and they prepared them for us. Food is a little bland, but inexpensive, and pretty uniformly good.

Sunscreen, polaroids, and headwear are a must. There is a reason Mario wears long sleeves and hat.

Ditto on the report with pics...

Have a great trip, we did.


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Even a squeeze bottle of water will do well for simultaneously rinsing your shades and refreshing your face after a long run through the salt spray. I've been there and done it. And it sure feels good to feel that freshwater on your face.