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...uh, I mean Stripers. Now that I'm an East Coaster (grrrr), I need to learn to fish for something other than salmon and steelhead...and the 6 inch local trout and smallmouth here in PA just ain't gonna cut it. Do you guys have any good/informative resources that I can tap into? Books? Websites? Etc? I did spend a hour yesterday at a local fly shop run by a guy who specializes in saltwater flyfishing ( What I know so far is that I probably need 9'0" or 9'6" 10wt and should be able to chuck a 5 inch Deceiver 100+ feet...that'll take some practice!

Thank you in advance.
Here are a couple of ideas for you.. Kenny Abrames is a Rhode Islander...old school style with flies

Anything by Lou Tabory is worth a read....

You can check the Saltwater Edge board out of Newport...there are usually some interesting folks posting on there...

The other book worth reading...maybe not owning is Stripers and Streamers by Ray Bonderau (sp)...

More may come to mind, but that should get you started.

I will say this, the 10 wt may be overkill right now. I have caught plenty of fish on 5 through 8 weights. There is a place for the 10, but my opinion an 8 will work fine. A couple of variables.

1)Where are you going to be fishing? Beaches, Jetties? do you have access to a boat?
2)Fishing a floater, intermediate or heavy sink line?
3) Size/Type of flies you are going to be using?

Lot of things to filter in.

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Although I've not fished for strippers or stripers I have a friend back East who does (both probably but the stripers for sure). He told me that he has been using a switch rod and a two handed overhead cast from the beach and casting well over 100'. I took his input, chatted with my local shop and followed his lead. I have been fishing a similar setup off the PNW beaches and getting way more line out than I was doing with my single handed rod. All I can say is a TFO Deer Creek Switch rod properly lined with the right weight Airflo 40+ Two Handed Overhead Beach line and also Floating Striper line will put your line and 5" deceiver out where you think it needs to be.

Best of luck.


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Adam, thanks for the references. I am under the assumption that what works in CT/MA go for NJ and points South, correct?

Mumbles, that sounds like a pretty sweet set up. Can you give me the rest of the details (wts, did you overweight it?, etc.)?
SciGuy- Mumbles is very wise, and I'm sure he knows what he is talking about..

However, for my personal tastes I would choose a faster action rod for 2-hand overhead casting. - the Echo 10'10" Switch rods come to mind, as do many heavier, beach casting specific 2 handers. I've tried casting fuller-flexing (as I understand the DC switch to be) 2hand rods overhead and had trouble applying power without collapsing the rod and the loop. Probably a matter of personal preference, but something to consider.. this ain't roll casting.

Looks like I'll be joining you on the east coast in a month (moving to DC..), so perhaps we can get together and commiserate over some strippers, er, I mean, stripers.


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I'm not pushing the upper limits of the Deer Creek Switch grain window so I don't think I'm realizing the deep loading that this series is known for. I'm at least a line size or two less than Mr. Mike Kinney, Skagit Master himself, suggests for this rod. I just found a combo that worked for me from what I had available after some line trial and error.

Come for a visit, I'll let you cast from my house to just might reach. The two handed beach line is 150' long. I'm no gorilla, you've seen my pathetic casting, I can get 100'+ out using a roll, water haul and launch type of two handed overhead cast. To say I think I get about 120' to 130' out is not an exaggeration.

I've been getting TONS of casting practice as I'm fishing...and very little interruption of my groove by those pesky fish getting on my hook, stretching my line and making me have to use my hand on that round spinning thing with a little handle. Makes for good practice.

Maybe I can show you one thing before you head East. You've shared a ton with me.


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Google search "stripersonline".....lots of info there.

The best advice I ever got about fishing NJ was to fish at night. Like middle of the night night. They move in shallow patrolling the rocks and "pockets" where the rocks and sand meet when the light gets low and everyone else leaves the beach. Long casts not required.

Here's a crappy pic of a fish I caught off a NJ jetty on gear while living back there. Fish was caught about 3 AM on a "teaser", just 3 inches or so of black bucktail lashed around a 2/0 hook.

Have fun with them.

Sounds like you have it dialed in Ed. I haven't cast a DC switch myself, I've only heard they are on the soft side, similar to the Beulah switch rods, which I have attempted to cast overhead. Which DC is that? And which Airflo beach line?

I've been able to cast an entire Outbound line with the TFO TiCrX 8wt 2 hand conversion (very stiff/fast), but only on the grass - subtract 20' or so for fishing conditions.. Maybe with more practice, but that setup is too heavy for the sound. I'd love to check out your setup, but it's doubtful that I'll be making any ferry trips before shoving off. But damn, fishing out 120+' casts.. you should be nailing those coho.;)

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I still smell like skunk! I've got a TiCrX with conversion that I got as a backup switch and single handed chum rod. I'm gonna try my outbound on it. I have a 9/10 Airflo two handed beach line on my TFO. With that line I would not consider it soft or deep loading. Maybe closer to the top of the grain window.


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Lots of great information so far. Thank you and please keep it coming.

Mumbles, thanks for the PM...very informative.

Andre...I'll send you a PM in a sec.

FYI, I now live about an hr North of Philly...less than 2 hrs from the Jersey shore. I also go to Boston about 4 times a year for business and I'd be happy to extend those trips by a few days if the fish are running.