Fishing the Copalis

I'm headed out to the Olympic coast this weekend for a family event. About the only water open for coho is the Copalis, which is apparently open from the mouth to the Carlisle bridge, wherever that is...where 109 crosses over in Copalis Beach?

It looks like tidal frogwater but I'd like to give it a shot. Anyone know how to get access? Is it all bank fishing?...and, what patterns might work for coho?



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Highway 109 is the coastal highway, which leaves you only a very little bit of river to fish (maybe half-a-mile from the mouth to the bridge). I've not fished the Copalis myself but have heard from several guys who have that the coho arrive all at once and that fishing for them can be red hot but only for a day or two.

Above the bridge the river is open to trout fishing and should probably have some sea-run cutthroat (2 over 14 inches allowed) by now.

Jerry Daschofsky

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You LITERALLY have to know when the run comes in. My source to let me know has passed away a year ago. He lived in an A frame behind Johnsons store. But that run comes in hard and fast. Maybe 1-4 days max. No rhyme or reason. We have tried to plot it for years (my Dad and I) and we can't even get a rough estimate for the run. It's small, fast, and a decent type of fishing. Will warn you, SUPER murky water. Permanently stained from a cedar jam miles upstream. That bridge you cross is about the end of the decent fishing anyways.

It is COMPLETELY tidal influenced. There is a ton of spots to fish along the bank from the mouth to the bridge. You can fish right at the old miniature golf course. Just look for lots of people. If you see the locals fishing, the fish are in. Pretty simple. You need a fly that's SUPER flashy. Needs to draw attention. Green and silver, orange and silver. Slow retrieve and a good cast (you need to get almost completely across to other side, where they setup, but it's Indian Res I do believe). Short strips and a pause. I would just make a body of bright orange or bright green (not chartruese, an actual green) and a TON (basically a whole hank) of silver flashabou for a wing.