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With my digital camera (actually my wife's digital camera) broken, I've gone back to disposable cameras. I hate the quality of the photos, but sometimes I get surpised. I don't generally take a lot of photos anyway. Sometimes I just get the bug to take a few shots, other times I just reserve it for those special fish that I just want a memory of and can share with others.

Well, I was down to 10 pics to go on my 24 exposure disposable. I had various SRCs (just a few of the big fellas I wanted a shot of), a steelhead, a few salmon, and a few scenic shots and shots of my 'little brother' fishing.

So this morning I caught a few decent SRCs (ldr'd most), then I finally get a nice fatty of 14 to 16inches. I decide it is a fish worth a photo. To make a long story short (to late I think), the camera took a swim when the fish decided to squirm at the last second.

So here's my question - any of you who use disposables use any kind of lanyard or something that will allow you to drop the camera but not actually fall in the drink?? I'm gonna have to rig something up for my next one I guess.
You could buy a waterproof one. I had one for a recent snorkeling trip. Can't report on price, print quality, or how well they work out of water, though sorry. But you could drop it as many times as you wanted. Even use it for getting underwater shots of your fish - that'd be nice eh?
I always take a waterproof camera. The quality is not nearly as good as digital but much cheaper when you drop one in the water. I have used the regular disposables in the past and they spent time in the pockets of my pontoon boat. I got reamed at the one hour photo for a wet camera
and running water and rust through the developing machine
and of course lost vaulable pictures.

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Yeah, I might just have to start using the waterproof kind. Just a few bucks more. Like you, I used them snorkling in Hawaii and was suprised at the quality. But in low light situations, most of those cameras seem to struggle. The other nice thing about the waterproof kind is that they come with a rubber band wrist strap. Or, I may just go back to my old 35mm and keep it in a zip lock back then strap it around my neck when I get ready to use it...


Mark Steudel
While those disp. camera's are more waterproof:

Olympus makes a water resistant camera and Canon has waterproof cases for their camera's which work really well. If I'm doing water activities I like to have a lanyard around my neck and have my dig. camera dangle around my neck. I'll stuff it down my shirt or down my pfd. If I have my slr, I'm just super careful.