Another sucessful pink expedition

So I decided to head out to the Duwanish this morning. Thanks Yellowlab for the info!!

Got to the launch at "O-Dark-Thirty" and hung out for a little bit admiring the amazing view of Seattle. Truely spectacular. Launched and headed out to the East Channel where I anchored up in a little alcove on the east side of the channel. The view was vaguely familiar, only lacking a hot Korean girl in my

The pinks were jumping like nutz. Tied on a new micro Eumer tube fly and made my first cast...Fish on. I was thinking..oh man this day will rock. Made a long distance release and then another and then another....Crud, am I ever going to get a fish to the net? I was finally rewarded!!!!

Total fish for the day: 20

I know everyone is sick of the pinks, but really....catching fish rocks!!!
Great job Joe. Can you tell me what line you are using? Sink/Float/Intermediate? I've been out a couple times but haven't had any success.