Yakima River Clean-Up And BBQ

Bill Dodd

Bill's in a time out.
Yakima River Fly Shop in Cle Elum & Tight Lines Angling.

Yakima River Clean-up, Saturday, November 7

Join us for a fun day of picking up trash along the river and doing a little fishing along the way. We are hoping to get a big group of drift boats and rafts together to clean-up the upper river from above Cle Elum to the diversion dam. We also hope to have a good number of volunteers walking the river banks filling up their complimentry garbage bags.

A big BBQ will follow the clean-up.

Please contact the fly shop to volunteer so we can be well organized. 509/674-2144.

Ed Call

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Bill, I've never floated a single piece of the Yak, never waded the Yak, hell I've never even seen the Yak. I will see if I can persuade the misses to let me pencil this into my calendar and follow you and Connor in my one or two man pontoon. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the invite.

Bill Dodd

Bill's in a time out.
Mumbles Sounds good or I'm sure we can find you a seat in one of the boats if you like.
I know a few people with boats who should be going and if you want a seat let me know and I'll see what I can do. Looking forward to meeting you Ed.



Ed Call

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Zack, if Connor is offering it the seat is yours. Now if you insist on the bare knuckles, well hell...

Connor, if I can make it I'll gladly bring my one or two man pontoon. The more people floating in the more crafts allows more hands in more places and more bags o trash to be collected. Just makes sense to me, agree?

Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
Ed, Your right. My step mom can't go because she gets really cold really fast. I feel bad! If Zack can't go, would be open to just save some gas and ride over with my dad?