Swap Trick or Treat for Chum Dog Swap

im tyin two different colors and vatiations, The "estuary" chum candy and the classic chum candy. Ill try and post some pics on what i've got started so far but i need me a camera haha

Ed Call

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Kerfwappie, clarification please. We are each tying two flies for all other swap entrants, correct? Do you want them all the same pattern or are we doing two different patterns? I had been thinking of doing two different patterns but maybe I'm confused (as usual). Thanks.
there we go found my camera haha

The flys with the bead chain eyes are the "estuary" chum candy
The flys with no bead chain are the "original" chum candy

Any input would be nice so i can make them the best.
Hey Steve, Since Arthur pulled out, there's an open slot in this swap if your interested. I still have your SASE from the last swap. Picture arm twisting.
I would love to send you all some Chum Lunch flies. Unfortunately, the index finger on my right hand is numb and even though I have tried, I don't turn out a very good product. I'll keep working and if I can get some made, I'll send them along. No promises, however. At present, I'm pretty frustrated.