First Steelhead

yeah, now that i look closer i'm seeing it too. my buddy caught a monster cut last week that he thought was a steel until he was getting ready for photo ops
Well not a steelhead, but a damn nice cutt. Don't blame you for thinking it was a steel, I wouldn't have expected that fish out of the Wenatchee.
First Steelhead, no second big Cut…

I have only seen a couple of Steelies up close, I’m pretty much a rookie here. I am kind of embarrassed that I didn’t see that it was a Cut, It really fought hard for a Cut. Anyway, I emailed the picture to my fish biologist son-in-law. He thinks it looks more like a large Cut. He asked me if it had the slashes under the jaw. I didn’t get a good look. After I took the picture he got a little feisty and I went ahead and released him. I does look like slashes in the picture below.

When I think about it, would a small Steelie (20 inches) have anything like the bit of a hooked jaw that this thing has?

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Sticking with the afore mentioned AMEN Rev. Besides, what would you rather catch, a very large cutthroat or a puny steelhead?

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Bigger Cutts will fight just as hard as a wild Steelhead. I used to catch them that big out of Pilchuck creek. But that don't happen any more.

Nice looking fish no matter what it is called. Fish that look like that really blend into the colors of Fall.

I call those fish........


They actually do have steelhead genes in them as do a lot of the steelhead have cutt genes. These fish sure get frisky.

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That's an awesome fish, Rev- particularly so for a Cutt. But it's an easy enough mistake without having seen the throat slashes. Here's a eastside steel caught a couple weeks ago that looks amazingly like your fish, save for the pink lateral stripe.

Well done!