Blue and Gold Macaw Feathers

My wife has a pet blue and gold Macaw that molts feathers. The long tail feathers seem to work real well for flys. They are bright blue on one side and dark gold on the other. I have tied a few experimental flys using them as the fly tail. Does anyone out there know any patterns that use this type of feather? They are too nice not to use. Especially after reading all the stuff in the "Scrounging materials" forum.
PS. For those that care, the Bird was a locally hatched baby and not imported from South America. I also have a Peacock that come into my back yard and leaves long plumes all over the place, but I know what to do with those feathers!
I'm not sure which feather is used, but some kind of blue macaw feathers are used for "horns" on a lot of old full dress Atlantic-salmon patterns. Macaw feathers are hard to get anymore, and fairly valuable to tyers involved in the Atlantic-salmon flytying scene, which is only marginally part of the angling world, more like a full on craft/arts subculture, sort of like quilting or pottery (full dress patterns tied by "famous" tyers can be worth hundreds of dollars). Try talking to one of the more tying-oriented shops, like Patricks in Seattle, or Swedes in Woodinville. Or pick up one of the specialty tying magazines.
Thanks for the Info. I will look into it. I take it the Alantic full dress flys you are talking about are more like ornaments for the fly fisherman who has everything.