click pawl reelz


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Dude! That's like asking me for directions to my favorite fishin' hole!
Prowl around...figure out what you are looking for and google it - every day. Eventually you will develop some sources, get on mailing lists etc.
Never hurts to attend estate sales, garage sale, and flea markets. Before you know it word will get out that you are 'one of those guys' and offers will start coming your way.
Know what you are buying and always be ready to buy 'on the spot'...turn your back and it will be gone.
Just try to have fun with get too serious and you could go broke!
HAHAHAA!! I figured that might be the response I would get!

I definitely got the itch and could see how this could turn into a very expensive venture!
i really opened a can of worms with this thread.

read and reread all 5 pages and im still just as confused as before. its like fantasy baseball, only gayer!

i'll stay on the hunt for a clicky sounding anti disc reel for my 7/8 spey. thanks guys. photos were great.
Just picked up a beaudex by jw young and want to know if I need to do anything to make it left hand retrieve, or is it left hand, probably it and since it is click pawl the tension is equal when the reel is moved both ways?

Never seen an old young with bearings? Did they make that in a 4 1/2" what model is it? I have a Bogdan I am going to get rid of to fund a couple of other purchases.


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Logan, some of the older Beaudex reels are right hand only. Not saying yours is, but if it is a convertable one you just need to flip the pawls around. Is there any way you can show a pic of the insides of the reel? Or even a pic of the back plate showing the positions of the screws and rivets. If need be I have examples of both and I can take some shots showing the two and what a left hand wind should look like. Just let me know...

Floatinghat, The reel pictured above was introduced in the early thirties. It is a Pattern No. 10B and was made in a 4-1/2" size also. Other salmon sizes include 3-1/2", 4", 4-1/4", and in 1938 a 3-3/4" size was introduced. Trout sizes with a narrow drum were also made in 3", 3-1/8", and 3-1/2". The trout sizes had an agate guide option and the salmon sizes a chrome guide option.
This information gleaned from this book which I highly recommend for those intersted in J. W. Young reels.
Thanks, I have a number of Perfects 3 1/2", (4) 3 3/4", 4", and 4 1/4" I'm looking for a 4 1/2" but haven't found a match between condition and price yet. I have a couple of other reels I am looking for and this just adds one to the mix :).

So it looks the pawls are "fixed" for single or double engagement but not replaceable?


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Floatinghat, you are correct about the pawls. If replacement is ever required it will be sent to Bill Archuletta. I have seen damn few Young reels with pawls and gears that have worn out, and when I do it is caused from being run dry and dirty for extended periods. These parts are made from hardened steel and with a modicum of lubrication will outlast the rest of the reel. A broken pawl spring is something I have yet to see...not saying it couldn't happen, I just haven't seen one or broken one myself.

Logan, That reel is convertable to left hand wind and a very fine example of the Beaudex. It is also probably either 3-1/4 or 3-1/2 as there are no 3-3/8 listed in the book I linked to.
After lunch I'll put up a pic showing the proper arrangement of pawls for LHW.
Thanks WW, you are going to have to walk me through step by step as I am not even 100% sure what the "pawl" is. This is my first foray into the antique reel world. I think it will fish on my 5 wt spey nicely, what do you think?



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Alrighty, here's some pictures.
In the first one, the reel on the left is designed to be convertible from RHW to LHW while the reel on the right is set up for right hand wind only. Note the positioning of the rivets and screws - the symmetrical setup is convertible.

In this picture you can see the guts of both set for RHW. The reel on the left is convertible, the one on the right just has an extra spring and pawl.
But even the earlier ones can be set for LHW with some tweaking of the spring. Never done it myself as I go RHW.

Here is the proper configuration of the pawls for LHW. In essence, at rest, you want the point of the pawl, (in this case the pawl on the right) off center from the center of the spindle in the direction of your rod tip when it's mounted on the rod. The other pawl is not used - although some folks like to engage them both, I don't.
Thanks WW,
When I get home from the office I am going to try to tweak it using these great Pics!

Last question, are the pawls able to be manipulated without tools, or will i have to intervene with screwdrivers, etc...

Thanks SOOOOO much. If I get up your way this winter for some swinging I owe you several at the pub!!!



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You can push the spring back with one finger and then rotate the pawl to the way you want it.

These used reels generally need a cleaning. I start with STP engine degreaser to break up the old stuff. Just squirt some on a toothbrush and apply where needed. Sometimes this will pop the pawls out so watch where they go. It's smelly stuff so I do it outside. After the degreaser rinse the reel thoroughly with water - I use the hose and take care not to lose the small parts. After this I drop the reel into a vinegar solution of 3 parts warm water to one part white vinegar for about 20-30 minutes. This light acid solution breaks down the degreaser. Rinse thoroughly with water again, pat it down dry with a clean rag and let it air dry for a day. Lube it up with fresh grease and oil and spool it up with line.

The center screw in the drum latch cover is to take up any end play of the spool on the spindle. There should be just a minute amount of play. If the spool has too much end play when you get it, it most likely is caused from the small release arm being bent. This happens from trying to remove the spool with the release lever not completely swung out of the way. Happens to lots of reels, not just these and it's usually the first thing I check when I get a new reel.

It can be straightened easily as it is fairly maleable metal. Best to remove the latch cover with the reel inside of a plastic bag or a box. There is a small spring that likes to fly out and disappear. I've lost track of a few of these and have become quite adept at making replacements. :) If the lever is bent use a pair of small needle nose pliers - go easy and go slow until it is straight again then reassemble and make any further adjustments with the screw. Again, go slow with the screw - 1/4 turns at a time until it is how you want it.