A couple of "S" rivers report

Conditions were nice on both the Sauk and NF Stilly. Saw Fortson Hole for the first time... I thought the "trophy hooks" were kind of silly.

Lots of moldy chum around on both; and a serious amount of "pink" fertilizer on the Stilly.

No fish, though.... not even a dolly. But as always, it's good to get out.

Ill be up that way next week... hoping to spend some quality time on the rivers on monday. Are there many fish in the Sauk this time of year?

stewart dee

Sauk is a bust until Feb March and April. Some bull trout in the water. The Skagit is super close and a better choice. Good luck.


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What species would you be looking for? This is November; chum salmon, coho, and post-spawn bull trout are present.

Talked to a guy down on the Ronde about fishing for some Chum. I have never done it though, but figured id try when i was home for Turkey break. Any pointers or ideas on locations?