Lenore, Lenice and some poachers


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Fished south end of Lenore yesterday from about 8:30 to 11:30, got my butt kicked. Had one fish all morning, albeit a nice fish. Got him trolling deep on a damsel. Stopped at Desert Angler and spoke with Tom, he said it's been slow all Fall.

Decided to head over to Lenice on my way back, had about 90 minutes to fish by the time I pulled into the parking lot. No one else in the lot upon arrival, no wind, what more could you ask for? How about 3 "poachers" pulling up five minutes later with buckets and no rods!

I asked them if they were going to fish as the hurried past me towards the trail, they nodded "yes." I told them to make sure to read the sign on the way in about limits/regs and such, that bait was not allowed at this lake. They said they knew and hurried along the trail.

I had only limited time to fish so I stuck right around the boat launch and fished near the catails. I landed 4 and missed another trolling shallow. Two of the fish were just short of 20 inches, but very different. The first was a sickly looking fellow who took all of 30 seconds to land, of the "snakey and soft" variety. The other was thick and solid muscle, took me 5 mintues or so to land, a real nice fish. All were taken on small buggers.

Now for the sad part. I saw the group of three on the east end fishing by hand. I could not tell for sure if they were using bait, but 15 minutes before I packed it up I saw them bonk atleast 2 fish. As soon as I got back to the parking lot, I got my cell out and called up fish and game and told them I thought there were some characters they needed to check out. They assured me they would be out within the next 30 to 45 minutes and took down my contact info.

I got a call about 3 hours later from one of the agents. He told me they had busted two of the fellows, fishing without licenses, with bait, barbed hooks ect. The worst park though is that those two SOBs had 19 fish between the two of them!!:eek: The agent told me they were throwing both of them in jail that night. But lets be honest, those two will be back out in a month at a different lake doing the same freaking thing.

No wonder the older guys say lakes like Quail, Dusty, Homestead ect aren't what they used to be. I'm not sure what the answer is, but we need something to detour these poachers from crap like this. Maybe bamboo shoots under the fingernails or something.:thumb:


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Koodoes(sic)... for making the call. I think that is all that can be done. At least they (WDFW officers) were able to show up and catch them in time.
Nice call on the thiefs.

By the time they get done paying fines their wallets are going to be a lot lighter! It puts them on record and when caught again it will get even stiffer. If they keep it up they could likely loose a vehicle and everything else confiscated. The system is a bit slow but poaching has become an expensive proposition when caught.

Then when the law gets done with them they have to face a wife and explain why the State wants a big chunk of change LOL!!! "Sweetums I was just having fun and the mean old State wants a $1000 or I go to jail! You don't really want me to go to jail do you?"

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These ASSHOLES who poach will keep doing it untill they are fined $1500. and up. The state needs to make it really hurts these phucks who do this . My 2cents worth.

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These ASSHOLES who poach will keep doing it untill they are fined $1500. and up. The state needs to make it really hurts these phucks who do this . My 2cents worth.
i agree you shouldve kicked the crap out em yourself! set a hook in there arm. smack them in the face with a full sinking line then call the game wardens! :thumb:
Thanks for calling. And it's nice to hear that WDFW was able to get there as well. It would be nice if they had more agents to police their waters. I've always felt that the money they could collect would pay their salaries.


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Ya gotta fine them til it hurts, confiscate gear - although a beer can, 20 lb test, a weight and treble hook ain't that expensive.

How bout posting on the sign at these lakes # of poachers busted and total amount/value of fines & confiscated gear - like they do around Winthrop with the # of deer killed and the amount of damage to cars?

JM - nice job an phoning this in, better yet, they got em.



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probably the same wipes that I called on or at least friends or family of and the worst part is it has been going on all summer long from the reports I've gotten from friends, fish and game could have gone out there every day and caught at least a couple poachers every time they went I don't know why they don't make more of an effort to put a stop to this blatant raping of the lake but the sad thing is they don't even though they must be aware that its happening.
WDFW has been the victim of budget cuts for several years! Wildlife management has a low priority for the legislature as is obviouse by budget cuts. When these cuts come down the enforcement officers numbers are reduced and so they are too few for too big of an area. WSP can help but they too have higher priorities and are facing budget cut backs.

A lot of this started several years ago when the legislature decided that WDFW would no longer recieve 1/2 of the money generated by licenses. That money would in its entirety go into the general fund and the legislature would then budget for WDFW.

Wildlife management in this state is an oxymoron!!!

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