You can shoot me now!

I developed steelhead disease about 3 years ago but wasn't able to seriously pursue it much. I hooked two last year in 3 outings but lost them both. I felt like I was doing pretty good so far but hoped to finally get that first fish to hand this year. Boy did I ever.

In a period of 4 half days on the river last week I brought 14 fish to hand, landed my first bull trout, hooked 2 chinook and had 2 hook ups (with one to hand) and 5 strikes from steelhead skating a dry fly. I have been spoiled for life and probably never see days like these again.

After having those fish pounce on the skating Stimulator I felt like a junkie. I immediately wanted another hit (fix!) Man, that is majorly addicting.:p

Don't mean to sound boastful but I had to share this with people who recognize how great the fishing was. My wife and kids look at me and say, "That's nice." LOL



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Mike have your wife check your life Insurance Than go see your doctor. Unless it is your birthday your a dead man walking !:professor
Say, Mike, I think I saw you catching all these fish but I just can't seem to remember where I was at the time. Uh, just where were you?
Bob, the Always Trying To Remeber Where He Was Guy.:beer2
Fishing awesome? I was driving home a few minutes ago from work, minding my own business, when I happened to notice that the Snoqualmie has just about reached the road that leads to my farm! Another day or two of rain, and I'll be stuck out here. I looked out over what used to be farm land, and it's covered in water, looks like a massive lake! Might get to use the float tube after all...


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That notion was more towards the waters I have been fishing and not the "WET SIDE". Im glad my side doesn't get washed away ;)

~Patrick ><>
Anyone have a spare drift boat and a day off? How about putting in at Carnation, floating two miles or so downstream, and stopping off at a little farm AND GETTING ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE? Help, I'm stuck!
Send me a raft with beer, I'll be waiting to catch it, I'm only down to ten beers and the roads closed! Aaaaah!

As to your recent streak of fish slammin', excellent work! I'm jealous! Was that 14 steelhead in four days? Hooked two chinook AND had five swings at a skating dry? Shiiiiit, that's legendary... :thumb


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Uh, ere, umm, geting back to that where were you at question, it's not that I want to fish in your boot tracks, it's just that, sure I know where you were, but it's just that my recollection is a bit murky what with the rains and all, so I was wondering if you just might drop a few hints on the table to sort of spark my memory. And Crump, stay out of this. Can't you see I'm just trying to remember something?
Bob, the Yes, I do forget sometimes.:rofl :rofl :rofl