Watermaster for Ducks?

I have just recently gotten inot duck hunting. I was wondering if anyone here has ever used one much to hunt from? I know it would be great for getting from point a to point b. Anyone ever used in that matter? Is it practical? I know its advertised on the site for that use aswell as fishing. Just wondering if anyone has used it much in that capacity.


Sculpin Enterprises
I have a friend who used to hunt ducks and brandt from his belly boat in Skagit Bay. They would motor out and drop him off. He would anchor up a long shot away from his friends in the boat. He felt he had an advantage of a low profile, especially around gun-shy, experienced birds. As an added bonus, the guys in the boat would have to fetch any ducks that he dropped.

I would be concerned if it were just a single person and you somehow got a puncture in the tube. You can imagine locations where this would leave you marooned.


Kent Lufkin

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Call the guys at Big Sky Inflatables, the folks who make the WM. Their shop has several photos of the owner and his black lab hunting waterfowl.


Rick Todd

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I visited the Watermaster plant in Missoula a couple years ago. The larger model in camo looked like a great boat for duck hunting and transporting your dog. The owner uses it all the time for duck hunting. Rick