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Chris it was a pleasure meeting you and Daconil last night too.
Great to converse with you again Ed, i'm still impressed at the flies you tied, very nice! Now that you have a trailer
let me know when you want to hit a lake in the area.
And it was great to see you again Steve and that you're feeling much better since the last time we talked, anytime you
want to head out to the Green let me know...
Fridays are mostly open for me unless i'm asked to work and the weekends are always open for me too.
It was great to see all and Richard, I will take you up on the fishing though I'm usually busy with school on Fridays. I suspect I could take a "peraonal" day some day just to get away. I get three a year but rarely use them. It might be fun.


Fly Guy Eat Pie
Ed, i will say...when I was at the Hoh yesterday, near Willoughy, the bite that I got was on the big red fly you gave me. that things got a profile in water to make a steelhead shit his pants into biting it.