Does anybody know if the Klikatat would be worth fishing this weekend? If somebody could tell me how its been fishing or how the flows are that would great. Thanks for the info.
Went there last weekend and Caught a nice 10lb buck. they were jumping pretty good, that is if your fishing for Steelies. used a boss pattern. looked like they were taking from the surface too. they place I went at was pretty wide so be perpared to put a good sling on it. and the water was pretty chalky too couldn't see my feet at 3ft deep. go above the falls. there are alot of good turn outs.

Paul Huffman

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The Klickitat has been frustrating for me to fish this year. All September, the hot weather kept the Klickitat Glacier pouring in the milk. When we finally got to October and cooler weather, we got rain at just the right time to screw up the weekends. October 10 and 11 we hit some nice water and I hit some fish. Last Friday night we had rain in the mountains and it was muddy Saturday. It dropped back on Sunday, but I didn't know so I didn't go.

It's high now, but dropping. Gotta try it again Saturday, but I'm worried that the weather forecast has snow down to 4000 ft. Thursday , then it will all melt when the freezing level goes up to 13000 ft. Saturday.

For flows look at http://waterdata.usgs.gov/wa/nwis/uv?14113000

Scott Behn

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Heh there MajorGeek, come the end of this month I'm moving my family down to Goldendale. This is were my wife is from so we're going back there while I attend YVCC.
I fish the Klickitat quite often in the summer time when we come down to visit her Mom, but how late in the year is the river legal to fish for steelies?


Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
I had all my warm clothes on, waders on, fly tied on, early Saturday morning on the Klickitat, ready to stand on my lucky rock, and when the lights came on, it was flowing mud, just as I feared. You couldn't have told it looking at the USGS flow chart. It looked like it had just returned to mean flow.

I keep driving and decided to see if I could drive into the west side of the Dechutes popping over the ridge from Fifteen mile Creek on Freebridge Rd. I got to the cattle gate and back up to where I could turn around. That's a scary looking road!
We checked it out Sunday and it was really cloudy, but that could be the norm, we bagged and went to the Ronde' which was beautiful but fairly slow on the fishing.


Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
Here's why the Klickitat was so muddy: On the east side of Mount Adams, the Rusk and Klickitat glaciers had receded, due to the long dry summer, exposing big moraines. Then the rains hit in mid October, and on Monday, October 20, and created a huge lahar-like mud flow into the Big Muddy River and into the Klickitat. USGS says it wasn't a lahar exactly because there was no seismic activity associated with it. The mud flow sent "liquid quicksand" into the Klickitat mainstem, burying coho and fall chinook redds, plugging the screw trap at the hatchery, and causing a large fish kill of fall chinook at the Lidel Bridge. This mud flow is going to cause problems for the rest of the spawning of fall chinook and going to create high turbidity for a long time.