(NFR) Shirt Size for Party

Mike Etgen

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Shirt Size for Party


Just made payment. Thanks again for putting this all together!

Mike :thumb


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Shirt Size for Party

Well if all goes as planned I'll be rolled up in the sheepskin wearing the red plaid pants and my Heminway sweater. Just keep Whitey out of my tent.

Shirt Size for Party


I thought I'd given my size some time ago. It's XL, is it to late? I was going to pay at the Meet & Greet, but can use PayPal if that's better for you.

Let me know.

Shirt Size for Party

I am all paid up baby!!! Hey if you want to hook up with some early morning steelheading again soon let me know the rivers are coming back into shape :)

Shirt Size for Party

I talked to a friend who fished out there this weekend and he didn't have any problems with the roads, so no worries!

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who paid via PayPal, makes it a lot easier as I have to pay for everything up front... If you paid take a look at the list at the top of the post and make sure it says Paid next to your name, just in case I missed it.

Bart - sorry, must have missed your post earlier, I just added you on there, we should be fine as I ordered sixty shirts...


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