Pontoon Boat Wheel Bracket


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I won't mention names on here... but to the gentlman who sent me the hand-tied flies, they look fantastic and your bracket is on the way by mail.

I've been sick over the holidays, but will begin mailing several bracket's out later this week.

Bracket notes...

1. In my rush to get out the first batch, I forgot to drill the 1/4" holes for the springer clip (see first close-up photo). This clip keeps the wheel straight while you are rolling it on uneven terrain. If you don't use a clip or bolt, the wheel will turn slightly and you'll be rolling straight but your toon will be going left or right.

The 1/4" springer clips are available from Lowe's in the roll-out specialty hardware bins, or from Tractor Supply (TSC). All the toon sales guys have them too.

2. How to roll a toon: Grab the foot pegs and easily roll the toon backwards.

3. What size wheel to use: I used a 16" bike front wheel (with yoke) for Outcast-size tubes (up to 18" tubes). If you have the big Maxxon tubes, you will want a 20" to 24" wheel so the tubes won't drag the ground when you roll it.

4: Where to get a front bike wheel with yoke: I bought mine from a Goodwill store... they wanted $3, but it felt good to give them an extra donation.

5. If anyone ever breaks the welding on the bracket send me a PM.. I just made a super heavy-duty bracket.

Good luck...
All brackets have been shipped, except two. If you receive one and decide not to use it... please send me a PM so I can get it to someone else.

AndreD - You're the last person that asked for a bracket. I shipped out all I had so I will build more sometime in February.

I'm all out of scrap Aluminum right now...

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I think I forgot to mention I got my bracket two or three days ago. Fantastic solid welds that will mount well yet are still light weight. Thanks Riverman, thank you very much.


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I got mine on Monday and I am greatly appreciative. What do you fish for usually in your neck of the woods as I feel compelled to send you a "care" package. Thanks for going above and beyond the call as well as providing mounting and usage instructions as well. You are the MAN.

Ryan AKA Ryfly
I use lots of Woolly Buggers in NC for trout, and then fish for smallmouth in NC and VA in the warmer months.

I've had guys send me woolly buggers, dry flies, and even $3 cash for the shipping... thanks to all who did.