The new city dump at Sky.


stewart dee

So I have been looking at a LOT of garbage dumped along the river. The Skykomish in Sultan, I have seen a single wide trailer or camper or watever it is cut up into large sections and dumped at the trailhead. Lots of cheep beer cans, clothing, coolers, old tents riped apart by the high water, Toilet paper and turds, etc. I think it is the worst that I can remember! So I was thinking maby a few of us could find time over the next week or so to call the city or the dept. of ecology and inform them of the mess. I am sure that someone has the job to enforce this clean-up. Thanks for looking, let me know if I am out of line on this. I think this is serious.
You can always try to talk to the county jail. If they have a chain gang they may be able to send a detail of workers to clean up the area. It's free, good for the environment, and a nice way to remind tweaker's that it's not nice to be bad.


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Why don't you guys organize a saturday float/trash pick up with a bunch of guys? Probably could get a shop to help out and promote? Post it on here in the main board and you should get a good turnout. It happens several times a year on the Yakima, no reason it can't be done over there.


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Nice idea, but there is just so much and if Tim is talking about where I think, then there would just be more there soon anyway. This is a truck bed camper and some other junk that looks like it was dumped and gone through. It's right be the road, so the city, county, state, whoever should be well aware of it. Sad, but that's how I feel about it. Just like the Cedar, we can clean it up and two days later it looks like the city dump.

I'll participate if someone organizes it, but I won't take the lead... I will take a pic and post it next time I'm up that way though.

stewart dee

All good ideas, Thanks. I will do my best to get something going on this and anyone else that is willing to make some calls feel free.
In the past, Sean Beauchamp has set up a cleanup or two on the Sky with some success. I say we get a group of us together, spend a day cleaning, and pack the rods along for good measure
it doesnt take too many people realistically. all you need is a couple trucks and 5 guys who are ready to work and you can knock out ben howard rd in 3 hours. i love that river and hate to see how bad its gotten trashed in the past 4 years. the influx of tweakers in the area is honestly most responsible for the mess. some of that stuff is hazardous to even handle.

i'd be in for a cleanup and could easily have help.